Way To Success – Progress Report #15

Way To Success

The end of the week is a nice moment to sum up all the weekly achievements on our way to success. In my Sunday posts, I always describe what we were during the week and what progress we have. So, if you’re curious about our journey, check out other posts in the “Progress Reports” category. So, let’s go straight to it.

Facebook Activities

13 new people joined our Funnel Circle group this week and we’re not at 234 members. Plus some pending requests from people who didn’t bother to answer entry questions to get access to the group. Christian started with the regular lives in the group, and I’m trying to post something not funnel-related to diversify the content. We’re still not sure what amount of content is right in the group. On one hand, we want to share the content we produce daily – videos and blog posts, – as they seem valuable for the group members. On the other hand, such an amount of content may be overwhelming for people. So, if you’re a member of our Facebook group, I’d appreciate if you let me know in the comments how often you’d like to see posts there and what kind of information would be valuable to you.

We signed up for the next One Funnel Away Challenge which starts on August 5. Like the previous time, the purpose will be to connect with other people who are into funnel building and help them with our knowledge and experience. Some people see that we provide valuable input helping them on their way to success, and then join our group or open their ClickFunnels account through our affiliate link.

Results On Other Social Media Platforms

Let’s start with Pinterest as this platform is really pleasant to watch because the numbers there are constantly growing. So, we reached 6.8K monthly viewers there (+1.4K within the week) and 208 followers. It’s interesting to see that on Pinterest videos from Christian’s YouTube channel get the most impressions along with some pins. Although the click rate on the pins isn’t very high I guess it’s a numbers game. Therefore, the more impressions we get, the more people will click on the links related to pins.

We have 8 new subscribers on YouTube channel this week and 88 in total. Christian went through the effort to update descriptions of all the videos on the channel making them more detailed and adding related links. By the way, I started embedding videos in my posts if I write about the topic Christian has already talked about. And after I publish the post, I add the link to it in the description of the respective YouTube video. Such cross-linking helps to rank both blog posts and videos better.

It seems to me that the way to success with YouTube channel and blog requires some time and patience which I don’t always have. Anyway, I understand that they’ll bring us long-term results that’s why it’s reasonable to continue devoting time to this.

Funnel Building As The Way To Success

This week we minimized our attempts to promote the Automation Course. We’ll go back to it a bit later after we make some adjustments. Also, Christian was building our new funnel I mentioned in the latest report, and recording the content for it.

In general, we decided to take some time to reevaluate our strategy and affiliate offers. We need to have a fresh look at what we’re doing and make some adjustments because our current approach doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

It’s interesting to notice that we’re constantly learning and growing. Looking back I sometimes think that what we did or created doesn’t make sense anymore. That happens when you’re constantly learning something new on your way to success and reevaluate previous actions based on the knowledge and experience you gained.

Please share in the comments what were your achievements during the week. Did you achieve your goals this week?