Top Facebook Updates You Can Not Miss

Facebook Updates

If you’re using Facebook for your marketing, it’s important to stay up to date with all the changes Facebook rolls out. The last couple of months were interesting in terms of Facebook updates. We got some new features that significantly influences how the platform works for businesses and advertisers so you can’t afford to miss them. Let’s see what changed on Facebook recently and how it affects you.

Organic Targeted Posts For “Top Fans”

Facebook Update - Top Fans Targeting

That’s an interesting update released for Pages! Facebook presents a new option which enables Pages to publish updates targeted to their top Page fans specifically. You’ll be able to create posts exclusively for top fans, “in order to thank them or share exclusive content”, as Facebook mentions in the description of the feature. Top fans are those people who are engaging with your content most frequently.

This feature is available for Pages with more than 10K followers. If you already reached this amount you need to turn on your Top Fans badge in the settings of your Page. Using this feature, you can share exclusive content, access to new products, discounts with the most loyal part of your audience. So, keep it in mind next time when you sit down to create your content plan.

Facebook Update The Text And Aspect Ratios On Mobile News Feed

Facebook Updates Mobile Formatting

Starting from August 19th this year, Page posts and ads on mobile will look differently. They will take less space making it easier for users to scroll through their mobile feed.

As you see, only 3 lines of primary text will be shown on the mobile news feed requiring people to click if they want to view the rest of the text.

The maximum height for photos and videos will be reduced to 4:5 in the mobile feed. If you’re using media that is taller than 4:5, it will be hidden in the mobile news feed. Therefore, make sure that you’re creating graphics in the right dimensions. This Facebook update may seem not that important but that affects those who regularly post content or run ad campaigns on Facebook.

Facebook Updated Terms Of Service

Facebook updated its Terms Of Service to better explain how the platform works. In other words, they want to add more transparency in their relationship with the users. As explained in Facebook’s blog, the updated Terms Of Service will explain how Facebook online services work and how the platform uses personal information.

The new Terms Of Service will include:

  • more details about how Facebook makes money and how they use revenue from ads to keep the platform free for users;
  • information about what happens when Facebook removes the content that violates their policies;
  • explanation of the intellectual property rights for the content users share on Facebook;
  • details about what happens when you remove your content from Facebook and how much time it takes to delete your content from the Facebook systems.

Updated Types Of Facebook Groups

From now on, there are three types of groups on Facebook: public, closed, and secret. There is not a lot to explain about public groups – everyone can find and view a public group as well as join it without approval.

Closed groups are more exclusive. You can search for and view the name of the group, description and the member list. If you want to join a closed group you first have to be approved by an administrator or invited by a current member of the group. Also, you won’t be able to view the group’s content until you become a member.

Now, secret groups go even further – no one can search for a secret group or request to join it. The only way to become a member of a secret group is to know someone within the group who can invite you. Everything shared in a secret group is visible only to its members.

If you’re not going for a secret group, learn 5 proven ways how you can grow your Facebook group described in our recent post.

In Conclusion

Facebook is currently putting a lot of efforts into privacy, transparency, and security of the platform and its users. We see this based on new features they released and updated they’re regularly publishing in their blog.

What do you think about the recent Facebook updates? What changes do you like and which not? Share your thoughts in the comments below!