Small Business Ideas To Start Within 30 Days

Small Business Ideas

Choosing the path of entrepreneurship or just working on your side business, is without a doubt riskier than just work at a 9-5 job and get your paycheck. It requires way more sacrifice and discipline. However, once you’re reaping the lifestyle benefits of being your own boss you understand that it was worth it. When you start making significantly more money with your business idea than you ever could at your day job, you realize that every sacrifice or late working hours weren’t in vain. So, let’s talk about small business ideas you can implement with almost no money and within just 30 days.

Which Business Idea Is Best For You?

Probably along with the question, “How do I start my own business?” the most popular is “How do I know which small business idea is best for me?”. There are so many business ideas out in the world already, so it may seem challenging to come up with something new. Especially if you’re looking for an idea that’ll give you lifestyle flexibility.

Moreover, the majority of us aren’t able to quit full-time jobs to work on a business solely without worrying about finances. Frankly speaking, it’s not the worst approach to start a side business while working full-time. This way you can test your idea, get feedback from the audience, and start generating income before you quit your job.

If you decide to try out a new business idea, make sure it aligns with your competencies and interests. Only if you like what you’re doing, you’ll commit and not quit if things get tough. The big problem for many of us is that working a full-time job is too exhausting to even try something on the side.

Luckily, there are a lot of small business ideas already tested and proven to work by other people. So, you shouldn’t invent the wheel. All you need to do is to follow their example and model. – 30 Detailed Blueprints” is an amazing book by Russell Brunson, Co-Founder and CEO of ClickFunnels, which contains 30 blueprints on how you can start a business within 30 days. Russell Brunson asked 30 successful entrepreneurs and winners of Two Comma Club award what EXACTLY they would do to get back on top if they lost everything. Therefore, this book contains 30 detailed plans on how to develop a small business idea within a month!

The entrepreneurs describe where they would start without money, name, reputation, and following. So, it basically models your situation if you’re at the beginning of an entrepreneurial journey and don’t have a huge budget to spend on this endeavor. Russell created quite tough conditions for the “” participants. According to the legend, they only have a guaranteed roof over the head, a phone line, an internet connection, and a ClickFunnels account to build sales funnels for one month. And that’s everything they have to bring their business idea to life.

In “” you’ll find different ideas for small businesses. Starting from affiliate marketing, drop shipping to coaching and high ticket consulting. I’m sure you’ll be able to pick something you’re passionate about. All the ideas share very low barriers to entry and require just commitment and hard work.

What’s even more awesome – you can get the access to “” series for FREE! Don’t waste your time and start implementing one of the business plans which are already battle-tested.

In Conclusion

I hope “” book will give you inspiration with proven business ideas that you can execute within just 30 days.

If you want some kind of accountability and additional guidance you can take the One Funnel Away Challenge. During this 30 day training, you’ll get coaching from 4 successful entrepreneurs, Russell Brunson included. They’ll leave no chance for you to procrastinate! So, if you already know what business idea you want to work on, the challenge will help you to bring it to life.