How To Make An Eye-Catching YouTube Thumbnail In 5 Minutes

How To Create YouTube Thumbnail

Do you remember a saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? While it’s true that you can’t judge the content by the appearance only, it’s still a book cover that will or will not catch the attention of your audience. The same goes for YouTube thumbnails!

A thumbnail that stands out makes it impossible for people to scroll past your YouTube video without having a click and a look. And that’s actually the main goal of designing an appealing YouTube thumbnail.

So, if you still aren’t using custom thumbnails on your videos, you are missing out on a great opportunity to get more eyeballs to your YouTube videos.

Let’s see what exactly will make your YouTube thumbnail attractive to your audience!

1. Use Your Picture On YouTube Thumbnails

People are simply more attracted to real faces than those on stock images. That’s why don’t hesitate to use your pictures for YouTube thumbnails. It’s even better when you show some emotions in those pictures. This makes people curious about the reason behind the expression and they are more likely to click on the video. You may see that a lot of popular YouTubers use this trick.

Not only will a thumbnail with a picture of you catch attention, but also develop a personal branding. If you already have a following then people will check out your videos not only because they like the topic but also because you’re an attractive character for them.

2. Use A Hook

The next thing on your YouTube thumbnail that grabs the attention is the text you put on it. Try to use short catchy phrases which will evoke curiosity in people and make them click on your video. The text on your thumbnail will serve as a hook for your audience. In the video, you’ll tell them a story related to the hook and maybe even make an offer (to buy a product, sign up, etc.)

A few great examples of such hooks are: “Is X a scam?!”, “5 Hardly Known Ways To Achieve Z” or “How I made $X In A Month Working From Home”. Think about what could grab the attention of your audience and use it as a hook on your thumbnail.

3. Big Fonts For The Text

You might notice that YouTube thumbnails are displayed in a relatively small size. So, if you want your text to be noticed even when somebody just scrolls through the YouTube search results, make it big and bold. In this case, the text on your thumbnail will be easily readable which catches attention and helps you increase your click-through rate.

4. Use Contrasting And Bright Colors

But the big bold text isn’t enough to make your YouTube thumbnail stand out. The choice of colors also makes a huge difference. That’s why try to use contrasting colors to draw even more attention to your thumbnail.

5. Emphasize The Main Object

Another popular trick to make your thumbnails stand out is to add a thick sticker like border to the main object on the thumbnail. The whole picture of the thumbnail will look more interesting and catchy. YouTubers usually use the “sticker effect” for the pictures of them making it stand out.

Create A Custom YouTube Thumbnail In Under 5 Minutes

You may think that the creation of a nice-looking YouTube thumbnail that will catch the attention of the viewers requires some designing skills. However, it’s far from the truth!

Using such a tool as Snappa will let you create an eye-catching YouTube thumbnail in under 5 minutes! You may choose a template from Snappa’s library of YouTube thumbnails. They’ve got hundreds of different designs to choose from. Therefore, it’s easy to find something that suits your taste. Or you can design from scratch! And everything is in a simple drag-and-drop Snappa editor.

That said if you’re serious about growing your YouTube channel and increasing the number of clicks and views for your videos you should spend some time creating custom YouTube thumbnails that will stand out. Especially because it’s possible to do within 5 minutes using amazing Snappa editor and templates.