How To Generate Leads On Facebook For Free

Generate leads on Facebook for free

The ways to generate leads on Facebook go far beyond Facebook ads. The great news is that those methods are free and require just some effort. If done right, those measures will work 24/7 and generate free leads for you on Facebook. One of the most efficient ways to generate free leads on Facebook is to set up your personal profile the right way. In this post, I’m going to show you how you can do this in just a few simple steps.

Why is it so important and why should you put effort into it? When you’re interacting with people on Facebook, add new connections, they’re most likely to check out your profile. If you organize it the right way, you’ll send your profile visitors’ attention where you need making sure they notice what you’re promoting. In an example, I’ll use our Facebook group like something I want people to notice when they visit my profile. But you may promote your business, services, some products, a lead magnet etc.

1. Cover Photo – The Key Element To Generate Free Leads On Facebook

The first thing you should utilize on your profile to generate free organic leads on Facebook is your cover photo. While beautiful sunsets or sceneries look nice on a cover picture, they don’t serve your business purpose. When people you connect with check out your profile, they should be able to easily see what you’re promoting and find a link which will lead them to your offer. And your profile picture may help them with this!

Create a banner which includes details about your offer and use it as a timeline photo on your profile. So, when people visit your profile, the first thing that catches their attention is a banner with your offer. In my case, it’s a cover picture inviting people to join our Facebook group where they can learn about affiliate marketing and creation of the passive income. On the cover picture, mention what services you provide and what you help people to achieve, add an image of your product if you’re promoting a physical product. For info products like ebooks or courses, create a mockup and also add it to the cover, so people can easily imagine what they may get.

After you created a fitting cover photo, don’t forget to add a link to your offer into the description of the photo. Don’t miss this step as a lot of people click on the images. Therefore, if you place a link in the description they may check it out as well. Which means you’ll generate organic leads on Facebook. To learn how you can easily create a cover photo according to Facebook requirements, check out my post about it.

2. Bio

From the cover photo, you’re going to send the attention of your profile visitors down to the left side of your profile where you’ve got a bio section. In your bio, tell people about your offer, why they should take advantage of it and place a link to it. I’m talking about our group and what people are going to achieve if they join it, in the bio on my profile. In addition to this, place an emoji or an arrow down pointing to your featured photo.

3. Featured Photo And Link Section

Your featured photo is another place where you can remind visitors of your profile about your offer. Therefore, it’s another chance for you to generate free organic leads from your Facebook profile. You may either create a graphic that will point to the link section. Or again create an image which will feature your offer and catch the attention of the people. In the link section, place a link to your offer.

Now, a lot of people add a couple of links in the link section leading to their other social media profiles or websites. I’d recommend you to add only the link to your offer. You see, when you give people too much choice they’re most likely not to click on any of the links. So, focus their attention on one link and one offer.

Thus, your cover photo, bio, featured image and a link are the elements of your profile which form a so-called Facebook profile funnel. If you do everything right, this funnel will help you generate leads on Facebook for free. Every time you add new connections, people will check your profile and some of them will look at your offer as well.

If you also have a Facebook group and want to know how to drive people there and grow it fast, check out my post about 5 simple steps that will skyrocket your group’s engagement and growth.

Share in the comments if you’re already utilizing lead generation possibilities of your Facebook profile!