Get Views On YouTube With This Simple Trick!

Get More Views On YouTube

Growing a YouTube channel can be challenging and, for sure, requires some time and effort. But nobody said that on the way to the desired number of subscribers or watch time you can’t use shortcuts. There are a lot of strategies, tips, and tricks on how to grow your channel and get views on YouTube. In this post, I’m going to share one of them. One simple trick that you can implement already today and start seeing results.

How To Get Views On YouTube Using A Hook

If we think how to get views on YouTube everything boils down to catching the attention of your audience and make them click on your video. For this, you need a strong “hook” that attracts people.

The concept of “hook, story, and offer” is very popular in sales and lead generation. A hook is something that stops people from scrolling their newsfeed and directs their attention towards you. After you got their attention you tell them a story. Remember, your story shouldn’t be just a compilation of the fact that you throw on your audience. It should be based on emotions and personal experience. After you’ve built a kind of connection with your audience you present them your offer. Now, back to our YouTube channel…

A thumbnail and a title you use for your video should serve you as a hook. Therefore it’s worth going through some effort and create an eye-catching thumbnail for your video along with a title that contains a strong hook for your audience.

Not only should your thumbnail look nice to catch attention, but also include a click-bait text. This will help you to get more clicks and views on your YouTube videos. As for the title of your video, don’t hesitate to include a hook there as well! Nobody will click on a video with a boring title. Imagine you created a video tutorial on how to set up your GSuite account. If you pick a dull title like “Tutorial on GSuite” I bet not a lot of people will be interested in watching your video. Instead, you can lure an audience with a title like “Easy steps to set up your GSuite account in under 10 minutes”. People want to see what they’ll get from watching your video and how fast they can get a result.

If you want to learn how to create catchy nice-looking thumbnails for your videos in under 5 minutes check out our recent blog post on this topic.

Check Out The Stats

Now, when you know how to get views on your YouTube videos using hooks in your thumbnails and video title you may start implementing it. Don’t forget to check the stats of your channel at least once per month. So, if you see that the click-through rate of some videos isn’t high enough you may tweak the title and adjust a thumbnail to get better results.

YouTube channel stats

Nevertheless, in order to learn how to get more views on YouTube, it’s crucial to understand how YouTube’s and Google’s search algorithms work. Curious to learn other tips for growing your YouTube channel – check out our video!

Do you go through the additional effort and create a custom thumbnail for each of your videos? Do you spend time on the creation of a catchy title and detailed video description? Share in the comments!

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