Do Online Reviews And Social Proof Matter?

Customer Reviews

The answer to this question will be: yes, they absolutely do! Don’t underestimate the power of online reviews! Nowadays they help us decide what to buy, where and what to eat, what to watch and much more.

Customers indeed read reviews and before making their decision to buy or not to buy a product. It became an essential part of the pre-purchase research. That’s why online reviews from your current customers can massively influence your sales.

How online reviews can influence your sales

Nice reviews and especially recommendations from customers on their social profiles can organically boost your sales. Social proof does matter!

Take a second to consider what will have the better effect: your ads where you’re saying how great your products are, or an honest review of your customer who is willing to share it on social media because they are happy with the product they bought from you. The answer is obvious!

On the contrary, the high concentration of negative reviews can ruin your reputation. According to some researches, negative reviews in Google search results can cause you to lose 70% of your customer. 22% of the customers will not buy after reading just one negative review of the product. After 3 negative reviews, the number jumps down to 59%.

Thus, positive reviews would encourage a lot of people to buy a product. At the same time, negative online reviews make potential customers change their minds about purchasing.

How to leverage the power of reviews

First of all, it’s reasonable to encourage your customers to leave a review after they purchased your product/service. All those reviews you’ll use as social proof.

Therefore, you can ask customers to leave a Google review or to write it on your Facebook page or on your website. The more potential customers see the online reviews the better for your sales rates.

Another way would be to ask them to share a picture with the product they bought and a review. You can use it as content for your social media and as an amazing way to promote your products. Reviews on social media will also contribute to building your following there.

Make online reviews of your product noticeable to potential customers

The idea is simple: don’t make your potential customers look for reviews – show them on your website or funnel!

It’s easy to do with the help of social proof software like Proof, Provely, Boast, etc. You can check out the list of the best social proof tools with their characteristics and pricing to find the best solution for your needs.

All social proof tools have the same principle of work. They let you automatically generate real-time notifications about purchases and upload reviews from your customers to display them on your page.

Example of online reviews

This is how a review will look like. They will show up in the corner of the screen when a customer is browsing through your website, as often as you define it.

Depending on the tool you may use for the social proof, you can customize the look of the notifications, restrict the location, show notifications about registrations, sales, and much more.

To sum it up, use the power of your customers’ review and recommendations to boost your sales. Think about how to do this in the best way to benefit the most. Use the possibility to automate this whole process with the help of social proof software.