5 Types Of Facebook Posts To Skyrocket Your Engagement

Facebook Engagement Posts

Engagement of your audience with the content you put out on Facebook matters. It helps to increase your organic reach and make the Facebook algorithm work in your favor. First, engagement helps to boost your News feed placement. And second, likes and shares expose your posts to your audience’s extended network. Finally, engagement also means that your audience is interested in your content. And an engaged audience that wants to interact with your brand is something every marketer should aim for. Below you’ll find 5 types of Facebook engagement posts that will help you with boosting your visibility and reach.

1. Share Your Breakthrough Moments

Share with your audience what you’ve learned or what changed your perspective on some matters. If you visited an event and had some “aha” moments or valuable takeaways – put them into a Facebook post. The odds are this information will have the same effect on your followers and they’ll like it. Same applies for the books you’re reading. Share the interesting and valuable information you got from the book, and your audience will appreciate it.

2. Curiosity Posts To Increase Your Facebook Engagement

This type of Facebook engagement posts consist of one simple question and make your audience interact with it. Based on your niche, you can post something like “I’m curious, are you using paid or organic traffic?” What’s happening then? People start answering your question, you may comment on their answers, they start interacting with each other… This all makes the engagement of your Facebook post explode! In the end, that’s exactly what you need!

3. Value-based Facebook Lives

Facebook Lives get more engagement than any other type of posts. People just love live content and you should leverage it! Facebook Lives should become an essential part of your engagement strategy. You may share some ordinary moments of your life or transform your live content into value bombs. Share your knowledge, your expertise with the audience, make some live tutorials or workshops. You’ll see how much feedback you’ll get and how great people will engage with this kind of Facebook posts.

4. Behind The Scenes Facebook Posts

Your followers don’t want to see a perfect human being who is great in whatever he/she is doing and always succeed. They want to see that you sometimes fail or also have your moments of doubts and struggles. Show it to them, and they’ll be able to relate to you even more. A Facebook engagement post in the form of a sneak peek behind the scenes also works for showing your office, working place or progress on a project you’re currently working on.

5. Lifestyle Teasers

One of the ways to become an attractive character for your followers is to live the lifestyle they want to live. Russell Brunson talks about it in more detail in his “DotComSecrets” book which I encourage every entrepreneur to read. The idea boils down to this: if you show your followers the life they want to have and also teach how they can achieve it, they’ll follow you. That’s why Facebook posts which show the dream lifestyle of your audience get so much engagement.

Don’t ge me wrong! I’m not saying that you should rent a Ferrari and take pictures in it to show off in front of your audience. Nobody will buy into it! What I mean is to show the benefits of the lifestyle you’re living. For example, if you’re an entrepreneur you can point to your ability to plan your day however you want or to work wherever you want. For people who are in a 9-5 job, this is something they desire and want to achieve.

These types of Facebook posts will help you to increase the engagement of your audience and organic reach. However, don’t forget that your page or profile won’t have as wide reach as your own Facebook group. Read more about why you should consider starting your Facebook group in one of my recent posts. And if you already have a Facebook group and are serious about growing it, I’m encouraging you to check out the 14-day One Group Away Challenge that will, definitely, help you with this.