5 Tips For Successful Facebook Live

Facebook Live Tips

Facebook Lives gained huge popularity among the users of the platform. No wonder! They let you interact with your audience directly, show them a human part of your business and let them know you better. Facebook lives are getting three times more the engagement of typical videos shared on Facebook with millions of users tuning in around the world.

If you aren’t taking advantage of the Facebook lives engagement for your brand, you’re missing out and should consider starting without any delay! Although if you’re already leveraging the power of lives I’d like to share with you some tips that will ensure the success of your Facebook lives. Lets’s go straight to it!

1. Pick A Topic For Your Facebook Live

Before you go live choose a topic you want to talk about. It doesn’t matter that you should write a script for your live stream. Nevertheless, having a few thoughts you’d want to share with your audience won’t hurt.

Of course, your Facebook live may go not as you planned if you start answering questions from the viewers and talk on other topics. On the other hand, if your viewers aren’t interacting actively and aren’t asking questions, you won’t be confused and will know what to talk about.

2. Create A Description Of Your Facebook Live

While you’ll know the main topic for your Facebook live beforehand, take a couple of minutes and write a description before you go live. This way people will know what it’s all about and will be more likely to tune in. Don’t forget to use a hook in your headline to catch the attention of people and evoke their interest!

3. Recap What You Were Talking About

Don’t forget that people may join your Facebook live on the go. Therefore, some of them miss your introduction or parts of the stream. Make sure they are in the context as well! From time to time, greet new people who have just joined and also recap what you were talking about before that moment.

4. Ask Your Audience To Engage

You might notice that a lot of people who are doing live streams are asking their viewers to comment if they watch live or in the replay. And it’s not because the information is very crucial. It’s all about engagement with your live. Facebook prioritizes content based on engagement. Therefore, the more people interact with your stream the higher Facebook will prioritize it and show in the newsfeeds of other users.

5. Always Interact

The live comments and interaction are part of what makes Facebook lives so attractive. It feels like a dialogue but for this, you should engage with your audience replying to their questions and comments. Just address the comments that appear live while you’re streaming. This encourages more people to share their opinions and thoughts.

Implementing the above-mentioned tips you’ll make sure you’re getting most out of your Facebook lives. If you have any questions about setting up your live streams, join our Facebook group where we have Q&A answers twice per week.

Are you doing Facebook lives or do you prefer other ways of interaction with your audience? Drop a comment below!