5 Proven Steps To Grow Your Facebook Group Fast

Grow Your Facebook Group Fast

In this post, I’m going to share with you how to grow your Facebook group fast in an organic way. I’ve got 5 simple steps that you should follow to get things the right way and maximize your organic group growth. If you follow the advice, you’ll be able to skyrocket your group’s growth and engagement.

You may know that we’ve got our own Facebook group which is an awesome community of funnel hackers and affiliate marketers. If you aren’t a member of the group yet, you’re welcome to join and enjoy useful content and interaction with like-minded people. So, I’m going to share with you the strategies that we implemented ourselves or that we know worked for other community members. That said, let’s get straight to the 5 steps that will help you grow your Facebook group fast.

1. Set Up Your Facebook Group The Right Way To Grow It Fast

I’d recommend you to set up a closed group. There’re a few reasons for this but the main one is that your group should be a “safe environment”. When people join your group, they want to feel safe and be able to speak openly and freely. They may not want their friends or relatives to see what they’re posting and asking. They want to feel secure and safe. And a closed group gives them that feeling. Moreover, having a closed group lets you build a tight community and a powerful connection between the group members.

Cover photo

The next thing you should pay attention to is a cover photo. The cover photo becomes really important when Facebook starts recommending your group. The key elements you might have on your cover photo are a photo of yourself so people know that it’s your group, the name of the group and short description of what the group is about. Therefore, whenever someone sees your group cover, they know what type of content they may expect and who is the leader of the group.

From the design aspect, your cover photo needs to be bright and catchy. When Facebook starts recommending your group, your bright cover photo will catch the attention. Therefore, more people will request to join your group. That said, make sure you’ve put some effort and got a bright nice-looking cover photo!


The next thing is the keywords. Facebook uses keywords in its algorithms so you need to have them in the name of your group and the group description. The keywords you’re using are going to help your group to rank organically in the Facebook search. For example, if your group is about funnel building, make sure you use the words “funnel”, “sales funnel” and so on in the name and description of your group.

Welcome Post

Another thing you should take care of in terms of your group setup is a welcome post. You must have a powerful and engaging welcome post pinned in your group. It should explain who you are, why you’re an authority, how you can help and why your group is a great place for people to be. Don’t forget to give your new group members a call to action to engage. The faster you’ll get them to engage in your group the more likely the content of the group will show up on their news feeds.

Onboarding questions

The last step you should implement in your group is to ask people onboarding questions when they request to join the group. Firstly, you definitely should ask people to provide an email address so you can start building an email list. Then, you may ask what they expect to learn in the group which will give you ideas for the content you need to share in the group. As the last question, you may ask them to subscribe to your YouTube channel or agree to the group rules.

The crucial point – don’t let people who didn’t answer ALL the questions into your group! If they don’t want to answer your questions upfront they won’t engage in the group or contribute to it.

2. Set Up Your Personal Profile

Step #2 on the way to grow your Facebook group fast and organically, is to set up your personal profile in the way that it’ll drive traffic to your group.

When people you connect with on Facebook check out your profile, they should be able to easily find a link to your group on it. And here’s how you can help them to do this! First of all, use a banner which includes details about your group as a cover photo on your profile. So, when people visit your profile and see the banner, they also start checking out your group.

From there you’re going to send their attention down to the left side of your profile where you’ve got a bio section. In your bio, you’re going to tell people about your group and what they’re going to achieve if they join it. Also, place there an emoji or an arrow that points down to your featured photo. From the featured photo, point down to the link section where you place another link to your group. Thus, your cover photo, bio, featured image and a link are the elements of your profile which form a so-called profile funnel. Now, when we have everything set up the right way let’s talk about how to drive people to your group and grow it fast.

3. Get Your First 100 members

Unfortunately, there is no easy way which will let you get your first 100 group members with a push of a button. It’s always about putting effort. The good news is that you may start from using your existing Facebook audience and friend list. There is a chance that some people are in the same niche as you and will want to join your group. Reach out to some people that may be interested, share that you’ve got a group and eventually you’ll reach the mark of 100 group members.

If you don’t have any friends in your niche, start networking, adding new people to your friend list and building a relationship with them. Do this until you reach 100 members in your group!

4. Scale Up And Grow Your Facebook Group Further!

After you’ve got 100 members in your group you should scale up. And that’s how you can do this!

Find at least five groups that are in a similar niche with you and share the same core values. You should become an active member of those groups posting valuable content and helping people. Naturally, they will start visiting your profile and sending you friend requests. And your profile funnel will organically lead people to your group. The key to this strategy is to be really helpful in other groups. Don’t spam anyone with the links, don’t promote your stuff – just help and provide value.

Another strategy you may use is to leverage other people’s authority through interviews. Find influencers or other people in your niche who already have the audience and interview them in your group. Then you may ask them to promote the interview to their audience. Some people from their following will join your group to check the interview. It’s a very significant strategy especially when you just got started.

5. Increase Engagement In Your Facebook Group To Grow It Fast

Another crucial element to growing your Facebook group fast is to ensure the high level of engagement in the group. The way you’re going to do this is by posting every day. I’m going to give you some examples of the posts you may create to get the maximum engagement in your group. Live content is something people like the most. They like to watch it, to engage with it, and that’s actually your goal. Supplement your live content with written posts with an image. If you provide valuable information in such written posts your group members are going to love this content as well. You may share your story, your journey, and transformation (as Russell Brunson teaches in his “Expert Secrets” book). Motivational quotes and posts are also something that people like very much and interact with.

The main point is to have a constant stream of content. Thus, any time your group member goes to Facebook, the first thing they see is a piece of content from your group.

Those are 5 steps you need to grow your Facebook group fast and in an organic way. Make sure you set up your Facebook group and personal profile the right way. Engage in other people’s groups that are similar to yours, provide value, be helpful and people will naturally join your group. Be consistent with posting the content in your group, leverage the authority of other people with the help of interviews and see your group growing. I hope you found these tips useful and they’ll help you to get your group off the ground and grow as fast as possible.

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