Why I Decided To Quit My Job And Start My Own Business!

Picture Of A Tired Employee

I recently started an exciting journey from being a regular employee to doing something on my own. Starting own business from scratch is kinda challenging and not easy but at the same time fulfilling and inspiring.

I did not plan it … I felt stuck in my 9 to 5 job but I didn’t know any other way. Nevertheless, I never considered starting my own business. To me, entrepreneurs seemed to be blessed with a special mindset and skills which I presumably lacked. Working at the office 40 hours per week (usually more, considering overtimes) was becoming unbearable to me.

I wanted to have more free time to spend with my fiance, my friends, devote to my hobbies, for sleep after all. But I was not able to fit all of this into my schedule because of a big amount of working hours. I was eager to travel when I want to but not only when I could take a vacation. All those things just piled up and made me feel miserable.

For other people, my schedule seemed perfectly planned and quite fine. Despite I worked hard, I found time for workouts, piano lessons, reading, skill-ups, and all the chores. But it was very exhausting and the thought “I don’t want to continue like this” was constantly on my mind.

I was trying to find a solution internally at the company I was working for: requested to work remotely or switch to part-time work. My both suggestions were declined and it felt like a dead end. So I gave up and decided to go with the flow.

How I found the solution

But one day this changed…

My fiance recommended to me the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki which became life-changing to me. I got a totally different perspective on employment and being an entrepreneur. My mind started working in a totally different way, very slowly and with struggle but it did. It was not easy, it was not quick, it was not a sudden “aha” moment but something clicked in me.

The main reason why it was so hard to change the point of view is the mindset the majority of us is raised with. Your parents probably also taught you to graduate from university, find a secure well-paid job and rely on your salary. That’s how life goes. You just did not know any other way. You didn’t know about an alternative that exists! But it is there, just get rid of the blinders!

Moreover, my fiance played an enormously huge role in the transformation of my “employee mindset”. He was working as a CTO for a German company but has always valued his freedom and flexibility which regular employees do not have. He also wanted to quit his position and start his own business from scratch. We calculated our monthly expenses, how long we could live from our savings and decided to take a risk.

We both quit our jobs, we really did it… Yes, it is risky, it can fail and we can run out of money on the way but we believe that it is worth trying.

I definitely know that I don’t want to work as an employee anymore and am ready to put as much effort as needed into it. The biggest concern for me is that for some time I could not figure out what exactly to do.

I felt quite frustrated. All my insecurity, fears and doubts came back to me and I even was thinking about taking another job. But one day Christian found Clickfunnels. That’s what gave us a lot of inspiration and great tools!

“One Funnel Away” Challenge teaches you how to start your own business

After checking the software they offer, we almost instantly decided to take part in their One Funnel Away challenge which teaches you how to start your own business from scratch. You can learn how to launch your product within 30 days of the challenge! This challenge brought structure into the chaos we were in with all the ideas and tasks. It gave us a kind of step by step guide what we need to do to succeed. We still have 2 weeks of the challenge left but I already see how helpful the course is.

I’m still fighting with my doubts and insecurity but I know for sure that what we’re doing now was worth quitting my job. I feel fulfilled, excited and happy. It seems that being an entrepreneur has more sense and purpose behind than just working as an employee.

I decided to share the ups and downs on the road for other people to see where my decision will bring me.