Way To Success – Weekly Progress Report #13

Way Up

Happy Sunday, everyone! Traditionally, my post on Sundays is about our weekly progress. Let me sup up what we were working on this week, what results we have and what happened.

Facebook Activities

As the current OFA challenge is still on, we were active in the group commenting on the posts, chatting with people and helping them with their offer and funnels. Should say that Christian usually undertakes the communication with people regarding their offers and funnels. Therefore, he devoted quite some time to this activity during this week.

Our Facebook group has 14 new members and for now, we’re very close to 200 members. Also, the reach of our postings of Facebook was growing during the last 7 days (262% up) which is probably thanks to Meet Edgar content looping and continuous posting.

We also updated graphics on all our social media profiles pointing out to the “5 Productivity Hacks” book which goes as a freebie on a squeeze page of the funnel for Automation Course.

Weekly Progress On Other Social Media Platforms

The number of monthly views on Pinterest is constantly growing now. Today, we’re at the mark of 3.5K monthly viewers (+1.5K from the last Sunday). I’m creating new pins and repin some valuable content almost on a daily basis, also trying to maximize Tailwind Tribes.

On the YouTube channel, the number of views and watch time went down slightly but we got 3 new subscribers this week.

Results Of The Course Launch

During this week Christian also was working on the Facebook ad campaign together with our freelancer. It took some more time and discussion than expected. In the end, Christian launched the ad campaign yesterday and our freelancer will now work on its optimization. Although the ad which was approved doesn’t have a great performance, for now, it does have an adequate relevance score of 6. Our ads in previous campaigns didn’t earn more than 3 points.

This were the highlights of our results for this week! Check out my Sunday posts to find out what weekly progress and results we have.

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