Way To Success – Progress Report #17

Progress report

As always, at the end of the week, I sum up our achievements in the progress report. This week we crossed some benchmarks in our results which I’ll talk about below. So, let’s go straight to it!

During this week, we had 7 days in a row when we got affiliate commissions. The most significant thing is that all those commissions are passive income as people bought something from us after watching our YouTube videos or reading blog posts. We didn’t have to actively sell anything. Most of the sales were for the One Funnel Away Challenge which you can get for $47. Therefore, we got 11 people who signed up for the challenge through our links. By the way, ClickFunnels made some adjustments into the flow and schedule of the OFA challenge. That’s why the next challenge starts already on August 19! If you haven’t gone through this great training yet, I’m encouraging you to do this.

We also crossed $2K mark in affiliate commissions from ClickFunnels and will do our best to grow this amount further.

Facebook Progress Report

Our Facebook group grew to 285 members during this week with around 28 people who are pending the approval of their request. It seems strange to me that a lot of people don’t bother to answer the required questions when they request to join the group. We usually send reminders about answering the onboarding questions but decline the requests if people don’t do this. It’s one of the rules you should use to grow your Facebook group. If people don’t go through the effort of answering your questions upfront, they probably won’t engage in the group later.

Results On Other Social Media Platforms

This week I was trying a new approach to pinning on Pinterest as our numbers stopped growing fast there. I’m focusing on Tailwind Tribes for now and curious how it’ll influence our results. Honestly, I don’t understand the logic behind Pinterest algorithm for now and still trying to find the best approach that will work for us. As for today, we have 8.5K monthly viewers (+400 from last Sunday) and 367 followers on Pinterest.

On YouTube, we crossed the mark of 100 subscribers – we were going there quite some time! But after that, we got 22 new subscribers just within a week and are now at 122 subscribers on our channel. The number of views and watch time dropped a bit this week but we’ve got some consistency and almost every hour of a day somebody is watching our videos.

If you’re curious to learn more about our progress or have any questions to ask join our Facebook group!