Way To Success – Progress Report #12

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Another Sunday – another progress report! Let me sum up what we were doing during this week and what we achieved.

Today I have this annoying feeling of “progress insufficiency”. We were working hard during this week on small tasks that take time and anyway need to be done. But at the end of the day, they don’t make huge progress if you look at the bigger picture. So, what we managed within the last 7 days.

Facebook Activities

While Christian got his right to comment and post in the groups back, I was blocked for two days in the OFA group for sharing a post with links. It was a bit disappointing that I wasn’t able to be active in the group. On the other hand, it gave me additional time to concentrate on other tasks.

Christian picked a freelancer who will manage the Facebook ad campaign for our Automation Course, briefed him with the task and also recorded some videos for the ads.

I’m very curious to see what results this ad campaign will bring us. While before we tried to handle Facebook ads on our own (not very successfully), we reached the point when we decided to hire a professional. I hope next Sunday I’ll be able to share the results with you.

Progress On Other Social Media Platforms

On Pinterest, we reached 2k monthly visitors which means +700 views within the week. It’s great to see that the amount grows every day at the moment.

I also signed up for the trial of Tailwind and getting used to this tool and explore all the features I can use. It seems very valuable although I can’t say for now how exactly it affects our result because we don’t have enough data for stats. But I assume we’ll stick with it after the trial ends.

This week we also spent some time on switching from Social Pilot to Meet Edgar. This social media management tool seems the best for our needs. We’re still using Buffer for Instagram and Tailwind for Pinterest, but for the rest of the social media platforms and all our profile, we picked Meet Edgar. So, it took some time to switch our automation for postings, set up a posting schedule, and fill the posting queue.

Progress Of The Course Launch

During this week, we spent some time making adjustments and polishing Automation Course funnel and materials. I was working on a freebie for the squeeze page and the graphics for the funnel, while Christian was recording the content, changing the copy and writing follow up emails. So, now we are all good! As said, the freelancer also started working on our ad campaign and will launch it soon.

That’s all about this week progress. Follow my updates about our achievements on Sundays!

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