Way To Success – Progress Report #11

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Happy Sunday everyone! As usually, at the end of the week I’m writing about the result and achievements from the 7 days. Today is the time for progress report #11.

Facebook Activities

Christian is still blocked from commenting in the groups; that’s why I undertook the task of being active in the OFA challenge group. I as might already mention, there we’re trying to establish new connections with funnel hackers from Europe and other couples entrepreneurs because it’s nice to connect with like-minded people. Also, we’re helping people on their way through the challenge with our knowledge and experience. As a side-effect, some of them may see that such assistance is valuable and open their Clickfunnels account through us.

Our Facebook group grew to 174 members this week which is really awesome. We’re trying to provide as much value as possible in the group sharing useful content and answering the questions. Christian also decided to do more Facebook lives to get more engagement from Facebook.

Progress On Other Social Media Platforms

On Pinterest, we hit 1.3K monthly viewers, which I consider an excellent achievement. It took us a bit more than one month to get 499 viewers and then in one day we crossed the 1.2K mark. I understand that this number is continually changing and there is no guarantee that it’ll stay on this level. Therefore, I’ll keep putting effort into pinning and optimize our Pinterest profile for better engagement.

Also, I consider trying Tailwind, which is highly recommended in a lot of articles I read about Pinterest. Simply put, this tool lets you schedule pins to the time where your audience is most active. As a result, your pins reach more people and get more engagement. If you’re using this tool, I’d be glad if you share in comments if you like it and if you see its positive influence on your Pinterest growth.

The view time on YouTube channel dropped a bit, but we reached the mark of 69 subscribers this week. What’s also new – I started recording my videos for the channel! Christian is publishing his videos every day, but I limited the number of videos to 2 per week. I feel a bit nervous in front of the camera, but I hope that I’ll learn and become better soon. If you’re curious to see my first creation, feel free to check out my video with the tips on how to stay motivated.

Progress Of The Course Launch

Last time I mentioned that Christian was working on the “Followup Automation” course. The launch is planned for July, 1 and today we’re putting final touches on it.

The Facebook ads campaign we launched at the end of last week was not very successful that’s why we stopped it. Christian will hire a freelancer on Upwork to handle our ad campaign after the launch of the course. Personally I curious to see how much different the ad professional will do that and how good his results will be, and, of course, learn from his setup of his ad campaign.

New Recording Area

During this week we re-arranged our office and set up a new recording area. I guess it looks more professional with the organized background. What’s your opinion: do you prefer blank, simple background or the one with some decoration?

Old Recording Area
New Video Setup
New Recording Area

Christian also spent some time to update our OBS settings to better record a laptop screen or even the screen from the mobile phone. If you watched some of our videos, you might notice that we’re using Elgato stream deck, which also was reconfigured for the more comfortable recording. If you would like to set up similar tools for your recording you can join our Facebook group and ask for help there.

That’s all about the major progress points from this week. Check out the next report in a week!