The Way To Success – Weekly Progress Report #14

The Way To Success

Today is Sunday and that means it’s time to sum up our activities during this week and have a look at the results. As usually, will start my weekly progress report with the Facebook activities as for now they take a decent part of the time during the day.

Facebook Activities

This week was the last week of the current One Funnel Away Challenge so we took some time to be active in the Challenge group. It’s curious to see how the activity in the group is fading out every week of the challenge because not that many people usually make it till the end. A lot of people give up in the middle when you actually have to put effort and push your limits. As always, Christian spent time helping people with technical matters and offer stacking. This definitely counts as a plus to our karma and to the weekly results.

One of the achievements for this weekly progress report is that we reached a nice mark of 200 members in our Funnel Circle group! It’s inspiring to see that the group is growing and every week more and more people want to join. The group dynamic still remains an issue for now but we’re trying to figure out how to improve this. What’s already agreed – Christian will start making more Facebook live to increase engagement in the group.

Weekly Results On Other Social Media Platforms

During this week the number of monthly viewers on Pinterest grew to 5.4K (+1.9K from last Sunday). I do enjoy using Tailwind for scheduling pins. I just create some pins when I have time but let Tailwind post them at the best time. That means the pins will be posted at the time when our audience on Pinterest is most active. How does Tailwind know this? It collects its own stats and suggests the best time slots for the posting. As a result, the pins get more views and engagement.

Our YouTube channel got 4 new subscribers this week and we’re now at a nice round number of 80 subscribers. The number of views and watch time increased this week by 47% and 81% respectively.

Weekly Progress Report On The Course

Christian is constantly working on the optimization of the ads for our Business Automation course. Here our weekly results aren’t that great as we didn’t have any sales for the course. Nevertheless, we’re adjusting the ads, the funnel to find the ideal variation that will work.

It’s worth mentioning in this weekly progress report that we were also started building another funnel but I won’t reveal the idea before the funnel is live.

That’s it all regarding our weekly results. If you’re curious about our journey check out Sunday posts which are devoted to weekly progress reports.

Just a short reminder that the next One Funnel Away challenge starts on August, 5! If you haven’t gone through the challenge yet it’s definitely worth doing it. This challenge was our starting point and most likely you’ll benefit from it too.