The Best Transcription Software

The Best Transcription Software

Transcription software can be of assistance if you need to convert a recording of any type into text. It’s a must-have component in your toolkit if you repurpose content regularly. For example, you record a video or podcast and later want to create a blog post out of it. The process is simple – you upload a file, select your options and get your text transcribed. While all popular transcription services offer pretty much the same flow, I have one that I consider the best software for the transcription. I’m talking about Descript, the tool which will generate transcripts for you without a headache.

Why Descript Is The Best Transcription Software Out There?

Descript is so great because it makes your transcription experience easy and fun. It not only auto-transcribes your files but lets you manually edit the text and have the audio immediately reflect the changes.

The Best Transcription Software

Descript is probably the only one transcription software which is all in one solution. While other tools for transcription contain features which Descript offers to its users, Descript has everything you need in one place. The combination of high-quality auto-transcription, manual text editing with a dedicated text editor, and instant changes in the audio make Descript the #1 choice.


Descript’s Killer Features

Although other transcription tools include some of the Descript’s features, there are features that make it unique. Also, the fact that Descript combines everything you need to generate transcripts, makes it so great to use.

  • Auto-transcription

You just import the file that needs to be transcribed and get the result a few minutes later. It doesn’t matter if the duration of your audio or video is over an hour. Descript will handle it quickly and accurate thanks to Google Speech technology. Although the accuracy of the transcript is always high, don’t forget that you’re using an automated tool for transcription. Therefore, you may want to review the final result which is very comfortable to do with Descript’s text editor.

  • Text editing

Descript has a built-in text editor that’s why you may correct all the minor mistakes on spot. You may hit the Play button and see how the text aligns with the video or audio which you’ll see on the screen as well. Usually, you may need to correct some homophones like hear/here, you’re/your, and punctuation marks.

  • Edit audio/video by editing text

While editing text, you may also delete repeated words and “ums” and they will be instantly removed from the audio or video. I think this feature alone makes Descript the best transcription software!

What’s The Deal For The Best Transcription Software?

The Descript application is free to download and is available for both MacOS and Windows. By signing up to any of the plan you’ll get 30 minutes of transcription for free.

Descript Pricing

Descript Basic plan may be a fit for occasional transcribers who don’t need to use the transcription tool that often. As you can see in the screenshot, you’ll only pay 15 cents per minute without any subscription. Descript Producer goes with the investment of $24 per month and includes up to 4 hours of transcription per month. $29 Team Plan is what you need if you have a few collaborators. Every user will have 4 hours per month plus shared Cloud Drive and Media Library for comfortable work on the same projects.

In conclusion

Descript has taken auto-transcription to the next level. The combination of all the important and necessary features in one place makes it the best transcription software.

Now, if you would like to try Descript, use this special referral link to get 100 minutes of auto-transcription for free.

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