The Best Platforms To Hire Freelancers

The Best Platforms To Hire Freelancers

When you’re buried under the tasks you should complete or don’t possess a required skillset to fulfill what you need, the right solution would be to hire a freelancer. In today’s internet age, you can reach talents from anywhere in the world. And freelance platforms facilitate this by providing a place where businesses can find temporary workers. If you hire a freelancer you can save money you’d spend on a permanent employee. Moreover, you save time you’d need for the recruiting process of a regular worker. Freelance platforms also will take care of payments processing and communication tools. Therefore, if you haven’t explored the benefits of the freelance system, now would be a good time to start doing so. You may begin by checking out our favorite freelance platforms.

1. Fiverr – The Top Freelance Platform

Fiverr leads our list of the platforms where you can hire freelancers. You may find different types of professionals, including writers, programmers, designers, translators, etc. on this platform. All freelancers on Fiverr are divided by levels of their skillset and expertise. Clearly, with every level the price of their services increases. But this gives you the possibility to hire a freelancer who will meet your requirements and suit your needs best of all.

Fiverr provides you with total transparency. You can access freelancers’ profiles, rating, and reviews, which will help you decide whether to hire them.

Moreover, Fiverr is a very budget-friendly platform where you can hire freelances starting at $5 for a gig. All financial transactions happen on Fiverr. Regardless of the payment method, the platform assures users that their financial data are safe. Payments can be made through PayPal, credit cards or other forms of electronic payments.

2. Upwork – The Largest Freelance Marketplace

Upwork claims to be the largest freelance platform to date. It’s indeed a good place where freelancers can market their services by highly-competitive rates. On the other hand, businesses can hire freelancers with outstanding skillsets.

Upwork hiring flow differs from the one on Fiverr. You should create a post with the description of the work you need to get done. After that, the freelancers will submit their applications for your job post. You can also look for other candidates yourself and invite them to review your job. Moreover, you may set up interviews with candidates to screen them further. This gives you the possibility to choose and hire the best freelancer from those who applied for your job.

The platform offers a convenient time tracking and billing flow. The Work Diary will let you see how much time a freelancer spent working on your task and ensure accurate billing.

3. – Hire A Freelancer From The Philippines is the largest marketplace where you can hire freelancers from the Philippines. You may find different talents on the platform like SEO specialists, programmers, designers, virtual assistants and so on.

The hiring flow is similar to the one on Upwork. You may post a job or search for candidates on your own. After that, you may interview the best candidates, negotiate on their working hours, work requirements and the salary.

As freelancers on this platform are from the Philippines, you may expect that the pricing of their services will be quite low according to US standards.

Hiring a freelancer may become a real improvement in your business and take some tasks off your plate. That said, consider what you can outsource and do this!