Achieving Financial Freedom – Report #9

Way To Success

Today is Sunday which means it’s time for a weekly report about our way to financial freedom. Sunday’s posts are a kind of retrospective and let me look back at what was done during the week and sum up the results.

Let me start with the results of our social media accounts. Christian’s YouTube channel has got 7 new subscribers during this week, a slight decrease in the numbers of views and watch time. Although, if we look at the stats from the last 28 days, we’re up 85% at views, almost 400% in watch time and 45% more subscribers.

As you might know, we’re also active on Pinterest regularly. On average I create 4 new pins daily and Christian automated postings of this YouTube videos and my posts to Pinterest. It’s nice to see that the number of views there is also continually growing. If we look at the last 30 days of our activity there, we increased the number of views from 77 views to 284 views. That means 400% increase by just being active and creating pins every day. By the way, if you want to learn how to automate the posting process to Pinterest and a lot of other useful activities which take much of your time if you do them manually, sign up for Christian’s course about automation which starts on July, 1.

For now, the activity on Pinterest doesn’t bring us sales but, in the end, it’s all about numbers. The more people will see our pins, the more people will click on affiliate links, and the more will buy.

Passive income as a way to financial freedom

As for the promotion of Clickfunnels, for now, me made slightly above $1000 in the last 12 weeks. Of course, it’s not very much considering the effort and time we’re putting into it. On the other hand, we’re doing a lot of things that will work and bring money long-term like YouTube videos, Pinterest pins or blog posts. All of that takes some time before it starts bringing the results. Nevertheless, we see that we already had the start because $400 from the whole amount earned, we made in the last 10 days.

We also have a few signups to Clickfunnels through our affiliate links, two of them are on the trial period. Nevertheless, if those people continue using their Clickfunnels accounts, we’ll end up with around $300 recurring monthly commission. Let’s say it’s the beginning for our passive income and financial freedom.

Launch of the Automation course

Christian’s almost finished his automation course, and we’ll launch it in the next couple of days together with an ad campaign. Actually, we’ve got one person to sign up to the course already although there is no actual funnel yet, only an order page. It means that if the offer is attractive to your potential customers it doesn’t matter how it’s “wrapped”. Moreover, getting signups encourages work harder and provide even more value.

During this week I took care of the members areas of our two funnels. This was a very monotonous work but I had to do this task although I postponed it for quite some time prioritizing other activities.

That’s pretty much it about the current week. I’m excited to see how the launch of the course will go and what results we’ll get there. Look forward to sharing this with you next Sunday. Stay tuned!