How To Stop Procrastinating And Start Acting

Procrastinating Work

I’m sure every one of us has moments when we can’t force ourselves to do something, when we postpone a task and just procrastinate. A simple hack I want to share with you in this post will help you get rid of this annoying state, stop procrastinating and start acting.

Sometimes I procrastinate tasks that, I know for sure, will take me quite some time to complete or seem difficult to me. Although the moment when I actually force myself to sit down and work on the assignment I start enjoying the process and I think “Hmh… why didn’t I start earlier?”. Does this sound familiar to you? So, the hack I’ll share will help you to stop procrastinating, easily start new tasks and develop new habits.

If you enjoy watching videos more than reading, watch my video where I explain this hack. Otherwise, continue reading.

Apply “2-Minute Rule” And Start Acting

I read about this tip in the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. He calls it “2-minute rule” and I’ll explain, why.

  • Think about the task you want to start or a habit you want to develop. Break it down and define the first step which will take you only 2 minutes (the time may vary but it should be a short period).
  • Agree with yourself that you will do only this small task and that’s it. Promise to yourself that if after the completion of this small task you don’t want to continue you’ll do something else without any bad feelings.
  • Repeat this regularly.

For example, you need to write the content for your website and you don’t know what exactly to write, the task overwhelms you that’s why you don’t start acting. Define the small task you can do within 2 minutes (5-10 minutes) and start with it. You can map out the structure of the content, you can write a plan for one page or write one section.

The same applies if you want to read a big book – start with a few pages. If you want to jog in the morning agree with yourself that you’ll just put your sports clothes on and go around the quarter.

The magic of the trick is that you probably will find yourself working further on your task or jogging after you complete your small task. Sometimes you’ll stop after your small accomplishment which is also fine. Just keep repeating your actions. Eventually, you’ll develop a habit and will stop procrastinating your tasks.

The Additional Advantage Of “2-Minute Rule”

If you apply this rule, not only will you learn how to start acting but also improve your own perception of yourself. When you keep procrastinating your tasks you probably feel some remorse. The moment you start doing what you need to or you wanted for ages, you perceive yourself in a better way. Your picture of yourself switches from “I’m lazy and can’t force myself to do anything” to “I’m great, I actually sit down, focus and work (jog/read a book)”. That means you feel better and want to behave according to the new picture of yourself.

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I’m curious how do you fight your procrastination. Share your tips in the comments.