How To Keep Going When You Don’t Feel Motivated

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Starting or running your own business can be challenging and daunting. For me, it always looks like a rollercoaster with victories on the way, as well as failures. Usually, those small achievements give me additional motivation to work even harder and try to reach more. While failures and lack of progress make me feel demotivated, and I have to struggle with myself to be back on track.

Let’s be honest, building your own business and being an entrepreneur is attractive and lucrative outside but once you take the deep dive into it, it appears to be not that easy.

Therefore, you may feel not motivated if the achievement of the results you want takes longer than you expected. I assume it happens to everybody. Although, the difference is that some people can quickly cope with this negative state and get back to the track. While others haven’t figured out yet how to deal with this effectively.

I want to share with you some techniques I’m using when I feel the lack of motivation. Honestly, I haven’t mastered them yet but they definitely work and are worth considering. So, what can you do to become your productive and motivated self?

Change The Perspective To The Situation

This isn’t anything new. Nevertheless, the first step in overcoming your negative feelings of demotivation or maybe even self-doubt is to change your own perception of the situation.

Your subconsciousness doesn’t differentiate between the truth and the lies. Therefore, it believes whatever you’re telling yourself. If you constantly feed it with negative thoughts the output it gives back to you won’t be positive.

On the contrary, if you tell yourself that you’re successful in anything you’re doing, you’re filled with persistence and determination, you’ll eventually feel like that.

Remember Your “Why” To Stay Motivated

This is something I go back to every morning and whenever I feel demotivated.

Your “why” is the reason you started your business in the first place. You should know and remember it, so every time you feel doubts you could refresh it and realize that giving up won’t be an option.

I have a list of my “whys” pinned above my desk. Every day before I start working, I go through it and visualize how my life will be if I achieve my goals. I recollect the reasons why I quit my job and started the entrepreneurial journey, and this gives me additional energy.

Stay Persistent

It’s your decision to keep moving forward even if it’s tough and even if that means taking only a small step forward on the days when you don’t feel motivated.

Fight actively with your negative thoughts and lack of enthusiasm (I know how hard it can be) and keep pushing and moving forward.

I hope these tips will be useful to you. You may also want to check Christian’s video where he’s also talking about the ways to stay motivated and why it’s crucial for your business.

I’m also curious what you’re doing when you feel stuck or demotivated? Will be glad to see your replies in the comments.

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