How To Get More Things Done!

To-Do List

Are you familiar with the situation when you worked the whole day but in the evening you have little results to show? That feels a bit frustrating because we all want to get more things done. But this does not mean that you’re lazy or unproductive. You most likely have a lot of minor recurring tasks.

Such tasks usually are not of the highest importance but still have to be completed on a regular basis. Moreover, it seems that they don’t take a lot of time but every 10-15 minutes you spend on doing something minor things sum up to a few hours per day. Also, you should consider the time you spend on switching between the tasks and focusing again. In the end, you don’t devote this time to valuable or revenue generating tasks. That’s why it seems that you miss this time out.

Delegate Your Tasks

One of the possible solutions for such a time loss could be delegating a part of your tasks to your employees or assistants. Although it’s effective, not everyone likes to delegate worrying about the quality of the work they will get. Also, if you’re only starting your business and aren’t ready yet to hire employees, you’ll also have to do all the tasks on your own.

But there is another shortcut you can use – automate as many tasks as possible. Automation can free up an enormous amount of your time and mental energy to focus on things that matter.

We actually calculated how much time the automated processes save us. And results are surprising because you never think how fast the time you spend on minor tasks, sums up to the impressive amount.

Automate And Get More Things Done

During the last 30 days, Christian had 13 different automation flows to take care of 940 different tasks on autopilot. Imagine, each of those tasks would usually take around two minutes to do… and that’s a very optimistic estimate. But based on that low-ball two-minute assumption he actually saved 1,880 minutes or 31 hours and 20 minutes in time! Imagine what could you do with 30 additional hours every month instead of spending them on boring but necessary recurring tasks.

If after this example you’re curious where to start and how to automate your tasks, we have a ready solution for you. With the help of our “Followup Automation” course you’ll be able to learn how to do that and start using your time more productively. After that, you won’t have to spend your time on all those annoying time consuming little tasks anymore. They may not seem like a lot of work, but some up to multiple hours or even days every month!

Delegating or automating your tasks will get more valuable things done. Don’t neglect this possibility and start using your time wiser already today!