Best Tools For Creating Product Mockups

Best Mockup Tools

I’m sure you’ll agree that images play a huge role in your decision to buy a product or not. I can hardly imagine a person purchasing some pieces of clothes in an online store based on the description only. Same applies to other products. When people are able to visualize what they’re going to get after they make a purchase, they are more likely to buy. That’s where product mockups come at hand!

Product mockups show a buyer how a physical product will look like when they receive it. In the case of digital products, it’s a visual representation of the product. Product mockups are even more crucial for digital products like online courses, ebooks, coaching etc. If your potential buyers imagine and future pace what they’re buying, it becomes easier for them to make the decision on the purchase.

Let’s say you’re selling a book but you don’t have a hard copy yet to take a few pictures. Instead, you can create a product mockup showing a three-dimensional image of a book with your cover on it. Not saying that you can create a book cover in Canva on your own. This way your buyers can easily imagine, what book they will get. If you’re selling an online course you can use computer or mobile phone screens in your product mockup to show how the course will look like.

The future pacing of the purchased item influences a buyer’s decision. Therefore, don’t underestimate the advantages product mockups can provide you with. The following websites will help you create mockups easily and in almost no time.

Free Mockups Tools

1. Mockup World

This website offers a huge variety of product mockups from mobile and computer screens to fashion and apparel. Most of the mockups are for Photoshop users but if you don’t use it you’ll still find a solution for you.

2. Covervault

A collection of free mockups most of which are for the books. The owner of the website is a designer who is constantly updating the collection. Although if you want to get access to the bigger variety of the mockups, check out his extended collection.

3. Adazing

Adazing contains mockups for authors and publishers. They offer both free limited collection and extended one which will require some investment.

Other Great Tools

1. Smart Mockups

Smartmockups enables you to create high-resolution product mockups right inside your browser within one interface across multiple devices. They indeed have a huge collection of nice-looking mockups.

2. Cover Action Pro

Cover Action Pro is for Photoshop savvy users but it also has a great collection of mockups to pick from.

3. Mockup Jar

Mockup Jar offers 500+ ready-to-use product mockups you can utilize without any Photoshop skills.

4. PlaceIt

According to the website, PlaceIt claims to have the largest library of mockups. But what’s definitely true, this tool is easy to use as you should just upload your design and PlaceIt will generate a mockup for you.

Do you create your product mockups on your own or outsource this task? Have you used any of the websites before? Share in the comments below!