300dpi High-Resolution Google Maps Image Download

Google Maps 300dpi Example

If you ever needed a high-resolution map for one of your projects, maybe for printing, you’ll notice that simply taking screenshots just doesn’t do the trick.

This is simply because the map you’ll see on maps.google.com is usually only displayed in 72dpi and therefore won’t look that great in most cases.

As so often there is a quite simple workaround to get what you need, and all you need for it is a Google account.

Step by Step

  1. Login https://www.google.com/mymaps using your Google Account
  2. Click on +CREATE A NEW MAP in the top left area

  3. Search for the area that you want to download in high resolution and zoom in or out to till you see the area in the desired level of detail.

  4. Choose the “Base map” style that suits your needs, as you can see on the image below.

  5. Click on the three dots next to the Title (“Hong Kong, boaa group Limited” in the above picture) and select Print Map from the dropdown menu.

  6. Pick the desired paper size (if in doubt pick Tabloid), orientation, and select Image as your output type.

  7. On the following page cancel the print dialog and right-click the picture to select Save as from the dropdown menu and store your the image somewhere on your computer for further use.

This is it, now you are all set and may edit your high-resolution map further in a program of your choice to fit your purpose.

You may want to play a little bit around with your zoom levels and maybe give different base maps a try until you find the perfect setting.

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