How To Highlight And Preselect Product On Clickfunnels Order Page

Highlight product in Clickfunnels

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can easily preselect and/or highlight a product on the Clickfunnels order page without dealing with custom code.

As you may know, you can’t highlight a product with native Clickfunnels features. Therefore, you can either use a third-party tool or some custom code to implement this on your order form.

To save time and make the setup as trouble-free as possible, we’re going to use CF Power Scripts.

CF Power Scripts is a must-have add-on for Clickfunnels that allows you to effortlessly integrate additional features to your funnels that Clickfunnels doesn’t offer natively.

Using the CF Pretty Products script, you’ll be able to preselect and highlight products on your Clickfunnels order pages in as little as a few minutes.

Here’re a few simple steps you should follow to set everything up!

Step 1: Copy the product ID

First of all, you need to copy the ID of the product in Clickfunnels that you want to highlight on your order page.

  • Log into your Clickfunnels account.
  • Open the funnel where you want to add the script and go to the Order Form page.
  • Click on the Products tab.

Order page settings in Clickfunnels

  • From the list of the products, find the product you want to highlight or preselect, and click Edit.

Products settings in Clickfunnels

  • Copy the product ID from the URL (the number in the URL after products/).

Copying the product ID

Step 2: Add the CF Pretty Products script to Clickfunnels

  • Log into your CF Power Scripts account and go to the Power Scripts tab.
  • Go to the funnel where you want to add the script and select the order form. Please note that this script works on order form pages only. But you can use it on both regular and 2-step order forms.
  • Click Add New and choose the CF Pretty Products script.

Scripts selection from CF Power Scripts

  • The script has a few settings you need to define. First of all, paste the product ID you copied on Step 1 into the Highlight Product ID field.
  • In the second field, choose if you want to preselect the highlighted product.
  • If needed, specify the text for product labels.
  • Click Add Script in the bottom right corner to finish the setup.

Highlight and preselect products in Clickfunnels

That’s how easy you can highlight and pre-select a product on your order page in Clickfunnels using CF Power Scripts!

Additionally, you can customize color settings for the borders and products, and define additional product information.

Step 3 (Optional): Specify additional settings

Using the CF Pretty Product script, you can change the colors of the product elements. By moving the color picker or just entering the HEX code, you can adjust the colors of the default border, highlighted and preselected product, text, and price.

To add some information about the products you should use the settings at the bottom of the page.

  • Highlighted and preselected product on Clickfunnels order pageClick Add Product to add as many products as you need.
  • Copy products’ IDs from Clickfunnels and paste them in the Product ID field.
  • Specify additional information for each product (e.g. “Save 15%”).
  • Add the old price of the product that will be stricken through on the order page.
  • Save the changes.

Here’s an example of how your products will look like with the additional information we just added.

If you prefer to see the detailed walkthrough of the whole setup, you may check out the video on how to add the CF Pretty Products script to your funnel.


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