Best Facebook Conversion API Integration For Clickfunnels

In this article, we’re going to talk about the Conversion API for Clickfunnels and why it’s a must-have if you’re running Facebook ads.

Why do you need Conversion API?

Not that long ago, it was enough to use the regular Facebook pixel tracking in our funnels and collect the data you need. Then Apple announced changes with their iOS 14 which drastically affected the accuracy of the Facebook tracking.

Now iOS 14 users should actively opt into tracking on their devices via a prompt Apple shows them. And as you may understand, not a lot of people do that. Therefore, ads personalization and performance reporting become limited.

If you also consider issues caused by adblockers and some browsers, it’s getting really hard to receive decent performance reporting and keep your Facebook ads profitable.

Here’s when the Conversion API comes into play!

What is Conversion API?

Conversion API is a Facebook Business Tool that allows you to track purchase and lead events in your Clickfunnels funnels server-side.

That means you can circumvent the limitations of iOS 14, ad blockers, browsers and get high tracking accuracy. In other words, improve your ads’ performance.

Here’re just a few benefits of having Conversion API for your Clickfunnels funnels:

  • getting highly accurate data about the actions of the funnel visitors
  • track conversions and leads even with iOS 14 and ad blockers
  • improve your ads’ performance and profitability

How to add Conversion API to Clickfunnels?

We believe Conversion API becomes a must-have if you want proper tracking for your Facebook ads.

However, at the moment, Clickfunnels doesn’t offer the native integration of Facebook Conversion API.

So the best solution, in our opinion, is to use CF Power Scripts and their Conversion API script.

If you use the Conversion API script, Clickfunnels will report transactions or lead events to CF Power Scripts, and their system will report them directly to Facebook.

In the end, this will help you solve the Facebook ads tracking problems and improve the performance of your ads.

If you’re curious to see how to set up the script, you may check our step-by-step guide on Conversion API or watch the video.

On top of that, CF Power Scripts have other useful scripts that you can add to your funnels.

Is it possible to integrate Facebook Conversion API with Clickfunnels to be ready for iOS 14 updates?

Yes, it's possible to integrate Facebook Conversion API with Clickfunnels and bypass the restrictions of iOS 14. The easiest and fastest way to do so is to use the Facebook Conversion API script from CF Power Scripts. This way, you'll be able to set everything up even if you're not tech-savvy.

Can I track conversions on my Clickfunnels funnels using Facebook Conversion API?

Yes, you can add the Facebook Conversion API to your funnels so you bypass iOS 14, browsers' and ad blockers' restrictions and achieve more accurate tracking and better performance of your Facebook ads. The easiest and fastest way to do so is to use the Facebook Conversion API script from CF Power Scripts.


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