Clickfunnels Actionetics Alternatives: Why You Should Consider Them?

Clickfunnels Actionetics

In this article, we’re going to have a look at the TOP 3 Clickfunnels Actionetics alternatives.

Actionetics (currently Follow-Up Funnels) is a Clickfunnels built-in autoresponder that lets you send one-time emails and email sequences to the contacts on your list.

If you’re using Clickfunnels for the funnel building, it seems a good idea to use their native autoresponder. That’s exactly what we did when we signed up for Clickfunnels.

However, once we started creating more campaigns and automations we realized that Actionetics isn’t the best solution for email marketing. And after some time, we switched to ActiveCampaign.

Why Use Clickfunnels Actionetics Alternatives

Here’re a few reasons why you should consider alternatives before signing up for Clickfunnels Actionetics.

First of all, the Actionetics email editor is quite slow and not very flexible. It means you’ll need more time than usual to create emails. Also, the pre-made templates that Clickfunnels provides look slightly outdated.

Secondly, the automation editor doesn’t have the flowchart-like look and it makes the whole process of the automation creation cumbersome. The automations have a limited selection of tags, filters, and actions that you can use. It, for sure, won’t be enough to create complex automated sequences.

Additionally, Actionetics is only available on the Clickfunnels Platinum plan priced at $297/mo. This plan includes the Backpack feature for affiliate management and some other extras. You can also build an unlimited number of funnels and pages. However, if you consider using the Platinum plan only for the Actionetics, it’s not worth the investment.

The Actionetics alternatives are way more powerful and flexible. You definitely will be able to create more advanced campaigns and automations using the tools we’re going to share.

If you use the $97/mo Clickfunnels plan, a third-party email marketing software, and an alternative of Clickfunnels Backpack, you’ll end up paying less than $297/mo (the price of the Clickfunnels Platinum plan).

And here’re the top 3 Clickfunnels Actionetics alternatives that we recommend!


ActiveCampaign as Clickfunnels Actionetics alternative

ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular email marketing solutions that is famous for its powerful automations.

Besides the core features like campaigns or automated email sequences, ActiveCampaign offers a CRM tool, landing pages and forms builder, SMS, messages to the website visitors, and much more.

Marketing automation is the most prominent feature of ActiveCampaign that makes the tool stand out. It allows you to automate follow-up campaigns, add various triggers, conditions, actions, and easily segment lists. It’s extremely easy to work on the automations with the flowchart-like view.

The drag-and-drop email editor is user-friendly and intuitive. You can either create your emails from scratch or use pre-build sleek and responsive templates.

Pricing: first of all, you can use the free 14-day trial to test the ActiveCampaign features. The entry plan is priced at $15/mo for up to 1,000 contacts.

If you want to learn more about ActiveCampaign features and advantages, check out our ActiveCampaign review.



GetResponse is our second pick as a Clickfunnels Actionetics alternative. If you don’t need highly-advanced automated sequences but would benefit from some nice extras, GetResponse may be the best choice for you.

Besides powerful features for email marketing, GetResponse offers features that can help you grow your email list and increase conversions. For example, you can use GetResponse to build landing pages, simple funnels, forms, and even webinars.

Similar to ActiveCampaign, you can use the drag-and-drop email editor to create your emails. GetResponse offers 100+ nice-looking and goal-oriented email templates you can choose from.

GetResponse lets you build complex automations based on contacts’ data and behavior. However, its automations aren’t as advanced as the ones from ActiveCampaign. But they’re definitely will be enough for many users.

Unfortunately, the automation feature isn’t available on the entry plan. If you want to use it, you either should subscribe to a higher-tier plan or use another tool.

Pricing: GetResponse offers a free 30-day trial so you can test the functionality of the platform. The Basic plan starts with $15/mo for 1,000 contacts on your list.

To learn more about GetResponse, have a look at our GetResponse review.



Another Clickfunnels Actionetics alternative you can use is ConvertKit. It offers all the basic features you may need for your email marketing and a few extras like simple landing pages or forms. The biggest advantage though is their free plan.

If we compare ConvertKit with ActiveCampaign and GetResponse, it definitely has less advanced features. However, if you don’t create complicated sequences and automations, the functionality of ConverKit may be sufficient for you.

The email editor from ConvertKit reminds a regular text editor. They thrive for simplicity, so you won’t see different menu bars and blocks in the editor. You can change the formatting of the text from a simple block formatting bar. To add other elements like lists, buttons, dividers, you’ll need to use the content menu.

The automations in ConvertKit are way less powerful than in ActiveCampaign and GetResponse. Their events, conditions, and actions won’t be enough to create complex automations but if that’s not your goal anyway, ConvertKit may cover your needs.

Pricing: as mentioned, ConvertKit offers a free plan for up to 1,000 contacts. Please note that automations and email sequences aren’t available on this plan. The next plan is priced at $29/mo for up to 1,000 subscribers. Honestly, this price seems unjustified if we compare the functionality of ConvertKit with similar tools.


The Clickfunnels Actionetics alternatives offer more possibilities for your email marketing. Using these tools makes it easier for you to create campaigns and advanced automations.

The choice of software depends totally on your needs. If you want to create powerful automation and have detailed reports on the performance, ActiveCampaign will be the best fit for you.

GetResponse is great if you need extras like webinars, landing pages, simple funnels, forms. However, the implementation of the email marketing core features is also first-rate.

ConvertKit doesn’t offer highly-advanced functionality but covers all the basic needs for email marketing. It also has a free plan that you can use with up to 1,000 subscribers.

Additionally, it’s easy to integrate all three email marketing solutions with Clickfunnels.

Share with us in the comments if you’re using Clickfunnels Actionetics and how you like it! If not, what alternative software are you using for your email marketing?

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