You’re Missing Out If You Don’t Have A Funnel

Get Leads And Sales

I’m quite sure you’ve already heard all this buzz around sales funnels and their possibility to boost your business. But have you considered that you’re actually missing out on revenue by NOT having your own funnel? Let me explain why.

The idea behind a sales funnel is quite simple:

  • convert visitors of your funnel to leads by collecting their contact information;
  • convert the leads into customers by selling them your product or service;
  • increase the lifetime value of the customers by upselling your other products or services.

It sounds pretty simple, right? What’s even better, it works on autopilot. Then why don’t you still have a funnel? I assume you may have the following objections. So, let me go through and crush them.

1. I Don’t Know If a Sales Funnel Will Work For My Business.

I can’t think of any kind of business that couldn’t use a funnel. If your business needs leads or sales, a funnel will definitely work for you. Every business from B2B to blogging can benefit from it.

Just to get an idea of how you can use a funnel, check out the success stories of the entrepreneurs from different niche who boosted their business using funnels. You may also have a look at one of my recent posts where I described an example of how local businesses can use funnels to their advantage.

2. It’s Too Complicated

It may seem overwhelming in the beginning but the truth is – everything can be learned. Having a tool like Clickfunnels which gives you everything you need to start with a funnel building, you’ll be able to master it within a week.

Although if you want to dive deeper and understand more about sales strategy, offer creation, email marketing, you can take a 30-day course from Clickfunnels where you’ll learn all of this and end up with a ready funnel.

3. Having A Funnel Is Too Expensive

Building a funnel and maintaining it is the way less expensive than paying for a website. Clickfunnels, for example, have a $97 monthly plan that you can use in the beginning and upgrade later. They also provide you with a 14-day free trial with no strings attached. So, you can easily give it a try without spending any money at all.

Moreover, Clickfunnels is so easy to use that you or your employee can make any adjustments on your own. If you have a website, you most likely would have to pay somebody to get the work done for you because it may be complicated to make changes on your own.

4. I Don’t Have Time For This

Yes, it’ll require some time to figure everything out and learn but, honestly, the learning process won’t be long. If you consider how much advantage this will bring to your business, the decision seems simple – start today.

Also, if you have more money than time to spend, you can hire someone to build a funnel for you and don’t try to figure it out on your own.

Even a bad sales funnel is better than no sales funnel at all and there are literally zero excuses not to create one for your business. It’ll quickly pay for itself, it’s not too complicated and doesn’t take much time. So, just give it a try and you, surely, won’t regret.