Why Your Gym Needs A Sales System

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If you think about it, every business would benefit from a sales system; gyms and fitness centers aren’t different. Looking at the number of gyms around my house alone, I understand that they should fight for new clients, and the competition among them is extremely high. So, what would convince me to join one gym over another? And, once I join, what will keep me coming back and work out there? Or even buy healthy snacks, shakes or supplements there?

Of course, it’s the quality of service and relationship. And the sales system will help your gym to maintain this relationship with the customers.

The first step to build your sales system is to collect contact information from potential leads. Once you have the contact information, you’ll be able to follow up on a person, build trust and at some point have that person join your gym.

Lead Magnet

The best way to attract your potential customers and get them to learn your business is to offer them something for free. Honestly, the best lead magnet for a gym is a free trial. It can be a few free workouts or even a free monthly subscription – you decide. The main point is that your freebie gets the person in the door and they’ll be able to see if your gym is a fit for them or not.

I think if you don’t offer a free trial, you’re missing out on customers. Personally I wouldn’t buy a monthly subscription without having a trial workout. It’s important for me to understand if everything in the gym meets my requirements before I make a monthly commitment.

The point is that you want your potential customers to have the burning desire to give you their contact information so they can get the free trial and see what’s really going on in your gym.

If you’re thinking about the technical implementation of this, Clickfunnels will let you set a page to promote a freebie and collect contact information in less then an hour.

Relationship Is An Essential Of Your Sales System

Now, after you got contact information of your potential customers, it’s high time to build up the relationship in order to persuade them to actually use their free trial and convert into a paying member eventually.

So, after you delivered their free trial coupon, think about what valuable content you can provide to them.

You can send information about what your gym has to offer. It may be a description of your classes with videos, videos about your top notch equipment or information that you’ve got equipment for all needs. Stories about your current gym members also can be of great effect. Tell them success stories of your clients with pictures “before” and “after” if possible, share some testimonials.

Moreover, you can include things like a free consultation with a personal trainer, a free shake at the snack bar, and other events your gym hosts. You need to give your potential customers everything they need in order to feel comfortable in their decision to join your gym.

Leverage Paying Memberships

If you’ve done all the above mentioned you should have more paid members. So, now it’s time to start maximizing their lifetime value through the use of sales pipelines.

Once the people who got a free trial from you become paying members, you can ask them what their goals are and enter them to your pipeline based on those goals. This means that they’ll receive emails helping them achieve their goals which will strengthen your relationship with them.

For example, if a person wants to lose weight, you can send emails about healthy eating, supplements that help burn fat, nutritionist’s tips, testimonials of your customers who lost weight doing this and that, and so on.

There are a large number of sales pipelines that you can set up to send tailored content to your members – keeping the relationship alive all while maximizing revenue.

In conclusion, gyms and fitness centers are prime candidates to take advantage of sales systems. They help convert visitors into paying customers and then maximize the lifetime value of those customers.

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