Why Schedule Posts On Social Media

Scheduling Content

Those of you who take good care of their social marketing strategy and keep posting on social media on a daily basis for sure know how time-consuming it may be. Finding the right image, edit or adjust the sizes, writing a good caption – there are a lot of ingredients you need to create a nice post. Social media presence is an important part of your marketing strategy that’s why it can’t be neglected. What if I tell you that there is a way to remove the headache out from this process? It only takes you to schedule posts in advance to make everything easier.

I’m sure you don’t want to spend time desperately trying to figure out what to post and crafting last minute posts. Also, taking care of your posting schedule beforehand frees up a ton of your time which you can productively spend on other tasks. In the meantime, your posts will go out on their respective social media platforms without a worry. Isn’t it perfect?

If it still doesn’t sound compelling to you, here are other reasons why you should definitely schedule your posts in advance.

1. Increase The Reach

If you check your analytics you know at what time your audience is active the most on social media. (If you haven’t done it yet, that’s your #1 thing to do before creating the posting schedule). Scheduling your posts to that specific time will let you reach a bigger fraction of your following. That means you’ll achieve better results and higher engagement rates.

This principle also applies if you, for example, are located in Europe but target audience in the USA. Posting on social media during your working hours makes little sense because the people you target are sleeping. Scheduling the content solves this problem. Your posts will be published when your target audience is online even if it’s in the middle of the night for you.

If you get sick or for some reason are unable to post at a specific time one day, scheduling will still have your posts covered and your audience will enjoy your content.

2. Never Run Out Of Ideas

If you schedule your posts in advance you’ll never have those moments when you need to post something today but you can’t come up with any idea. Maybe you don’t feel inspired or you have other urgent tasks to do and can’t devote enough time to creating a post. Preparing your content beforehand will let you avoid such moments.

Not only will scheduling save you the last minute panic, but it will also help you optimise your content and perfectly align each post to your social media strategy.

3. Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

You probably want to ensure the social presence of your company on different social media platforms. That’s why it makes sense to reuse content you post. Scheduling tools will let you prepare different image sizes and customized captions for publishing. Therefore, when the time comes to release the post you’ll be sure that it appears on the platforms you need, and will look like you expect it to.

4. You’ll Be Consistent With Your Postings

We all know that social media growth requires consistency. You need to post regularly and show up on your followers’ feeds every day for them to be attached to you. Scheduling posts in advance helps you to stay consistent, stick to your social media strategy and build anticipation from your followers to see your posts daily.

So, I guess you’ve realized that crafting your posts beforehand gives you awesome advantages. Now, what tools can you use?

My favourites are Buffer and Social Pilot. They both work by the same principle providing you with a similar set of features. With the help of these tools, you can take care of your social media queue and also track the analytics of your postings.

If you want to go a step further and share your content not only on popular social platforms regular scheduling tools won’t be enough. Imagine if you would be able to automatically share your post from a WordPress blog to social media, or video you release on YouTube to Facebook and Pinterest. This would help you to increase the reach enormously. Sounds great, yes? Check out our “Followup Automation” course if you’re curious how to do all this awesome stuff.

To sum it up, scheduling your social media posts is a complete life-saver! It helps you post valuable content at the time which is comfortable for your audience and stay consistent with your postings.