Why Narrow Down Your Target Audience

Narrow Down Your Target Audience

Although everyone knows that it’s crucial to define an ideal customer and create their detailed avatar, most of us usually ignore this. You may think that your offer will fit everyone that’s why it’s not needed to narrow your target audience down. It can be true but, in fact, it only makes it more difficult for you to create an appealing offer for your audience, define pain points and choose the right hooks.

One of Christian’s mentees is currently working on the offer creation for his 6-week workout plan. He wanted to sell to “everyone” but agreed to narrow the target audience down because offers for “everyone” don’t work.

Audience For Workout Plan

Let’s assume he picks a wide audience and starts promoting his workout plan. Why will people sign up for his course but not the course of another trainer? Even if the exercises are great and effective, the offer itself won’t stand out. It won’t hit the pain points of the audience. The sales message won’t resonate with the audience.

He could try to beat the competition offering his services at the lowest price. But let’s be honest, nobody wants to sell their product cheap.

That’s why narrowing your target audience down and creating an offer specific for it, will give you an advantage. For example, Christian’s mentee decided to focus his offer on women who recently got engaged. Those women want to look great at the wedding, therefore, the chance is higher that they’ll be interested in working out. It also becomes easy to craft a sales message and hooks which will resonate with that particular group of women.

Moreover, engaged women devote a lot of time to their wedding preparation, meaning they don’t have much time left for other activities. That gives another reasoning why it’s more beneficial for them to take the course with short workouts at home than going to a gym.

Another example of a narrowed down target audience for the workout plan would be women who recently gave birth to a child. Those women most likely aren’t satisfied with how their belly looks. They also may want to lose some kilos that they gained during the pregnancy. The core of the offer may stay the same but the sales copy should address the pains of this group of women. The course will be sold the way better than if it targeted all women out there.

Narrowed Audience And Facebook Ads

Having clearly defined audiences like in the examples makes it easier to pick audiences for Facebook ads. Facebook lets you filter people based on the relationship status and the existence of children. Therefore, it won’t be difficult to target the audience we defined before, with ads.

If you want to learn more about why to use laser targeted audiences for your Facebook ads, watch the video below.

To sum it up, it’s very important to define your prospect, work out their avatar and pain points. Based on this, create your offer and sales copy specifically for them. This will let you get more qualified leads and therefore more sales.