Why Back Up Your Business Email List

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When our software is working as it should we hardly ever think about backups. And only when something is out of order or was accidentally deleted, we start thinking how on earth to restore it reproaching ourselves for not running regular backups. This also applies for the email list of your business contacts. Have you ever considered what will you do if you suddenly lose them all?

Nobody would like to be in the situation when their subscribers’ list is just disappeared… Can you imagine that? You lose the list with hundreds or thousands of prospects you’ve worked so hard to acquire. A precious list of fresh leads or past customers is gone… It’s enough to bring on the cold sweats.

You may object that nowadays social media following matters most. I strongly believe that social networks haven’t yet replaced email lists and email marketing in general.

Building A Backup Habit

The simple solution to this problem is a backup of your mailing list.

According to statistics, around 29 percent of businesses never perform a backup of their key data (that includes an email list). 35 percent carried out their last backup a year or more ago. And only 10 percent run a backup on a daily basis. Crazy, yes?

A single backup is better than no backup but the point is to save your data regularly. Your email list is growing and changing constantly that’s why having a backup only once in a while will not let you restore all the data in its newest state.

When your email list changes every day – you get new signups, somebody unsubscribes, – you need to back it up on a daily basis. The more time is between backups, the more inaccurate your data will be. If you lose a list of your newsletters subscribers and will try to restore it from a not very recent backup, the chance is high that the updated version of the list won’t include people who signed up and unsubscribed lately.

That means you’ll fail to send emails to the people who were recently interested in your product/services. At the same time, you’ll continue sending emails to people who have unsubscribed from your newsletter. Because of this hey can report your emails as spam.

How Do You Backup Your Email List

Of course, nowadays almost everything can be done automatically. That’s why it’s easy to set up the process once and enjoy the advantage of having the newest copy of your data.

In our “Followup Automation” course you can get a step-by-step guide on how to easily set up regular backups for your email list. And it’s only one among a lot of other useful automation lessons you will learn during the course.

To sum it up, if you don’t take care of backing up your email list, you could instantly lose the important lists of your prospects or past customers. To avoid this, consider running a backup of your data on a regular basis. If you want to get a step by step guide on how to automate the process check out our “Followup Automation” course.