What To Write In Follow Up Emails?

Working on laptop

It seems an easy question until you sit down with your laptop and try to write an email sequence from scratch. You probably remember that follow up emails should cause interest in your audience, be engaging, warm your leads up for sale, or actually persuade them to purchase from you.

What you should send to your subscribers should bring them closer to the action you want them to take. However, that action ideally should align with their goals.

You definitely shouldn’t just spam subscribers with the links to your offers asking them to buy something from you. The best way is to send emails people actually want on the topics they are interested in and providing valuable information for them. I know, all those requirements of an “ideal” follow up email make the process of its creation even more challenging. But consider the advantages follow ups can bring you.

Let’s say, you build a lead generation funnel for your business and drive traffic there with the help of ads. If you don’t follow up on leads which left their contact information on your page you’ll definitely miss out on the possible sales you could get from those leads.

Success Stats Of Follow Ups

Woodpecker, a company that automates cold emails and follow-ups while taking charge of email deliverability, dug into their data to discover some statistics regarding cold email follow-ups.

  • The first follow-up email is the most effective: it can bring 40% higher of a reply rate than even the initial email.
  • Flooding prospects’ inboxes results in mere fractions of the original reply rate.
  • A campaign with even 1 follow-up converts 22% more prospects.

Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of follow ups and take some time to create email sequences for your audience. How in fact should you do that? By gauging interest in your subscribers and then digging deeper into those interests!

You can do this by sending emails about topics your audience may be interested in. Then, once your subscribers show interest – you’ll begin to send more relevant information to them … giving them the content they want to see, further building the relationship and driving more action.

For example, instead of sending your leads emails about sales funnels solely, you could send an email with links to articles about social media marketing, tasks automation and sales funnels. These are uniquely different topics.

You send out an email that contains links to various interests and you track what link the individual clicks. From there, you can gauge what the subscriber is interested in and can send more relevant information to them.

You can move people who click on the sales funnel link to the list of subscribers who are interested in sales funnels. You will know that you should provide them with the corresponding content. Those who click on social media marketing or automation should receive emails from you which will let them learn more about those respective topics.

3 E Concept

The best way to create emails is by following the 3 E concept where your emails either:

  • Entertain – Build and maintains a relationship. The type of emails you’d send to a friend like interesting/funny articles, videos, etc.
  • Educate – Help subscribers solve a problem and promote you as an authority on the topic. Such emails may include tutorials, reviews, guides, etc.
  • Earn – Make you money by encouraging subscribers to take action, in other words, purchase. Here we’re talking about sales, promotional information in your emails.

Your email shouldn’t have more than one E as a goal. Also, if your email isn’t going to do any of three concepts, better change it.

Now, if you got an idea on what to write about but still not sure about phrasing you have a few options. You can spend some time practicing writing an email copy and at some point, you’ll find out what phrasing works best for your audience. You’ll learn how to make your emails engaging and appealing for your subscribers.

If may hire a freelance of Upwork or Fiverr to write emails for you. This will let you save time and ensure that your follow up sequences will be of high quality.

Last but not least, you can use a great tool called Funnel Scripts and create your email copies with its help. Funnel Scripts is like a full-time copywriter who is working for you. It includes proved scripts for different types of copies. The only thing you need to do is to fill in the gaps with your custom information and generate an email.

To sum it up, don’t underestimate the power of follow up emails and take some time to create email sequences for your leads. Your follow up emails should bring your subscribers closer to the action you want them to take. The information you provide in emails should be valuable and align with the interests of your audience.