What To Consider Before Hiring A Copywriter

Hire a copywriter

Nowadays a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs realize the importance of a well-written sales copy in their marketing strategy and look into hiring professionals for this. That’s a very sound decision! Either a permanent in-house employee or a freelancer, a copywriter will definitely contribute to the success of your marketing efforts. It can be a bit challenging to ascertain the best candidate if you’re not sure what you should be looking for. This post will help you to define the best candidate and hire a copywriter who will write the best work according to your aims.

Copywriting is the process of writing promotional texts. Those materials may be everywhere, on brochures, websites, emails, ads, etc. Unlike news or editorial writing, copywriting is all about getting the reader to take action like purchase or opt-in. Nevertheless, “copywriting” is a wide term that includes some other areas of expertise like SEO (search engine optimization), PR (public relations), marketing an so on. Small businesses may want to hire a skillfully adaptable copywriter who can apply their skills covering a range of outputs. Larger companies might require a copywriter who is solidly experienced in a certain type of writing and possesses a particular skill set.

Funnel Scripts instead of a copywriter?

First of all, don’t focus on hiring local specialists only. The freelance platforms let you pick talents from all over the world! So, use this opportunity! Moreover, you may consider investing one time in copywriting software instead of constantly paying copywriter’s fee or salary. Funnel Scripts, for example, is an amazing tool to get your copy written with a click of the mouse. The software was created by one of the greatest marketers and speakers Russell Brunson and a top copywriter Jim Edwards. Within a couple of minutes, you get a compelling sales copy which uses battle-tested and appealing phrases. Your copy is 85% ready and you just need to proofread it. So, the benefit of using Funnel Scripts is that you get your copy quickly and without a lot of effort. You shouldn’t spend time looking for a copywriter as well as pay their fees.

If you think that hiring a copywriter is the best option for you, consider the following factors while screening the candidates.

Consider candidates’ experience while hiring a copywriter.

This totally depends on your needs and requirements. You should keep in mind that experienced copywriters will charge higher prices for their services. So, if you have a limited budget you may prefer to choose a less experienced candidate. However, if you have a clear goal and the budget to spend, you may hire a copywriter with a bigger portfolio. If you don’t mind hiring a less-experienced candidate it will save you some money. But be sure to transmit your goals and requirements clearly during the interviews. You may also set up a test task for them and make your choice based on the results.

Decide what type of experience you need.

Look what you want from the job role, what tasks you’ll assign to a copywriter. If you hire a copywriter to write for your blog, they probably should have knowledge about SEO. It’s even better if they may provide proof that the content they wrote had great visibility on search engines. For PR, you might look for someone with a journalistic background. If a candidate has prior work that is similar to the work you’ll assign them, that will be their competitive advantage.

Make sure a copywriter you want to hire wrote for the medium you need.

Let’s say you need to hire a copywriter to improve the copy on your website. A copywriter who has only written for magazines won’t likely have the skills to create content for a website. They probably aren’t experienced in breaking up the copy into easily readable parts and make it compelling to the visitors of the website. Sure, it’s possible for a copywriter to learn but that will require some time which you’ll pay for. Therefore, it’s better to take time instead to find the right candidate from the start.

Experience within your niche is favorable but not necessary.

A copywriter’s ability to write well for the medium you picked is typically more important than having prior experience in your industry. Many copywriters are able to write about general topics but also learn ins and outs of your business niche, and creating a great copy for your target market. Of course, if your business is technically oriented, you may want to hire a copywriter with the knowledge in your industry. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult for a copywriter to put out the valuable copy.

Your business can definitely benefit from the services of a professional copywriter. Hopefully, these tips will help you to find and hire the right candidate with great skills. If you’re looking for a freelance copywriter check out our post about top 3 platforms where you can hire one.