What Is Two Comma Club And How You Can Join It?

Two Comma Club

In this article, you’ll learn what is Two Comma Club from Clickfunnels and how you can join it.

The Two Comma Club is a community of Clickfunnels users (aka funnel hackers) who earned $1 million and more in revenue through one funnel built with Clickfunnels.

If you use Clickfunnels and reach at least 7 figures (or “two commas”), you can apply to become a member of this exclusive community.

Clickfunnels believes that a million-dollar mark is a significant milestone for any entrepreneur to hit (and it really is!). That’s why they want to give a special keepsake, Two Comma Club Award, to their users who crossed this mark. The Two Comma Club Award serves as an acknowledgment and a reminder about this significant business achievement.

Additionally, it inspires other funnel hackers and shows them that it is possible to create a highly-converting funnel that can generate over $1 Million in revenue.

Two Comma Club Award Stats

Based on how much revenue you made through one Clickfunnels’ funnel, 2 Comma Club has different tiers.

Two Comma Club Award

As mentioned above, you’ll need to reach $1 million in revenue through one funnel to qualify for this award.

Two Comma Club X Award

Once you earn over 8 figures (that’s 10 Million dollars) inside one of your Clickfunnels’ funnels, you can apply for the 2CC-X award.

In addition to a large plaque, Two Comma Club X Award winners also get an exclusive Championship-style diamond ring from Clickfunnels.

For now, Clickfunnels awarded 46 funnel hackers who crossed the 10 Million dollar mark with their funnel.

Two Comma Club C Award

2CC-C is a quite new award that was presented at the Funnel Hacking Live in 2020.

The Two Comma Club C award plaque is made of four sections that represent separate milestones in your business – $25 Million, $50 Million, $75 Million, and $100 Million.

Each time a Clickfunnels user reaches one of these four milestones with their funnel, they fill in the corresponding segment of the 2CC-C award.

2 Heart Award

The 2 Heart Award is a very special award that Clickfunnels created for funnel hacker couples who donated over $1 Million of their funnel-based income to a charity. It a kind of gratitude token from Clickfunnels.

2CC Winners

What do you need to do to apply?

If you believe that you qualify for any of the 2СС Awards, you need to make sure that you meet the following requirements and have the proof ready before applying.

Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • Screenshots of your ClickFunnels, Stripe, Paypal or Merchant account that is linked to the funnel responsible for producing the required amount of revenue (e.g. $1,000,000 (USD), $10,000,000, $25,000,000, etc.)
  • A screenshare video showing how your funnel generated the required amount.
  • The minimum amount of transactions should be 40 transactions for the 2CC award, 400 transactions for the 2CC-X award, and 600 transactions for the 2CC-C award.

Please note that Clickfunnels charges a fee when you apply for the award. It varies based on the type of the award:

  • Two Comma Club – $250
  • 2 Comma Club X – $350
  • Two Comma Club C – $450
  • 2 Heart Award – $250

 In Conclusion

To sum up, we believe that the 2CC award is a great way to celebrate your significant business achievements.

When you become a 2CC member you get acknowledgment inside the Clickfunnels community. On top of that, you enter the circle of highly successful entrepreneurs. Which is without a doubt a huge opportunity for networking and creating interesting JVs.

Moreover, Clickfunnels organizes different exclusive events for 2CC members. This is a huge opportunity to learn from other successful entrepreneurs and share your knowledge.

What is the Two Comma Club?

The Two Comma Club is a community of Clickfunnels users (aka funnel hackers) who earned $1 million and more in revenue through one funnel built with Clickfunnels

How to get the Two Comma Club award?

To get your Two Comma Club award you need to generate $1 Million in revenue through one of your funnels built with Clickfunnels.


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