What Is A Sales Funnel And How You Can Build One

What is a sales funnel

What is a sales funnel and why is the concept of a sales funnel getting more and more popular nowadays?

Sales funnels proved to drastically outperform regular websites and maximize marketing efforts of businesses. No wonder that there is such a huge buzz around funnels!

So, what is a sales funnel and how you can use it for your business? Let’s dive in.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

Simply put, a sales funnel is a series of pages put in a particular order to convert your prospects into buyers.

Prospects have only two ways when they go through your funnel. They can either close the browser tab if they don’t like what they see, or keep going with the flow you prepared for them.

There are no other distractions or ways out of the funnel for them.

Now think about a regular website… Its visitors have a lot of ways to go and so much information to research that they constantly get distracted from their intention to buy.

Compare it with talking to your prospects in person. A funnel would look like a prepared high-converting sales script that you pitch to your prospect.

A website would be something like you’re talking to a prospect about your product and then suddenly asking to learn more about the history of the company or check another category of the products.

Because funnels have ONE strategic flow for your prospects they outperform websites with all the distractions in 6 times.

Now, when you understand what is a sales funnel and how it differs from a website, let’s talk about the structure of a funnel.

4 Stages Of A Sales Funnel

The four stages of a sales funnel your prospects will go through are awareness, interest, decision, and action.

Each stage of a funnel has different goals and requires a different approach. So, let’s have a look at each of them in more detail.

1. Awareness

On this step of the funnel, your purpose is to catch the attention of prospects and get them to know your business or offer.

You can do this with the help of social media marketing, organic traffic, ads or something else.

This is the moment at which you first grab the attention of your potential customer.

Your prospect becomes aware of your business and what you offer.

When your offer fits the expectations of the prospect perfectly, they may buy immediately. Although this happens not that often.

More often on this stage, you’re just trying to make prospects to engage more with your business.

2. Interest

When prospects reach the interest stage of the sales funnel, they’re doing research, comparing prices, and thinking over the options they have.

To arouse interest to your offer and simultaneously capture leads you can offer something valuable on this stage which will serve as a lead magnet.

Read more about what you can use as a lead magnet in our recent post.

3. Decision

What is the decision stage of a sales funnel? If you’ve done a good job in the previous stages of the funnel, potential customers will be ready to buy your offer on this step.

Make sure that your offer stack is powerful and is better than the one from your competitors.

If you make an irresistible offer, most of your prospects will accept it. Meaning, your conversion rate will be high.

4. What is the Action stage of a sales funnel?

At the bottom of a funnel, prospects are supposed to take action and buy your offer.

If all the previous steps were done right and your offer fits your prospects’ needs, they will buy at this final step.

How To Build A Funnel

We’ve gone through what a sales funnel is and what stages it includes. But how do you build a funnel within a reasonable time and without hiring any tech expert?

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