What Are You Offering? Key To Successful Offer Creation

Offer Creation

In this post, we’ll talk about offer creation and how to make sure that people buy what you’re offering.

You can learn what elements an irresistible and converting offer should include in our recent blog post. Today’s topic is about bigger concepts and vehicle for change that you’re offering to people.

This is one of the most important elements between having an offer that your prospects buy occasionally and the one they love and will buy for almost any price.

The Difference Between New Opportunity And Improvement Offer

Quite often, when people try to come up with something they want to sell, their offer creation is limited to exploring the products on the market and building something better.

They are building an improvement offer. The better way although would be to create a new opportunity for the audience. What is the difference between them?

In 2001, Steve Jobs claimed that he wanted to revolutionize the music industry.

He pointed out the improvements offers that promised to the audience more or less the same. A CD-disk could give you 10-15 songs. An MP3 player would let you listen to about 150 songs. Or you could buy a hard drive that held about 1,000 songs. Each product improved the one before and could give people more songs on one device.

Jobs created a new opportunity and let people bring their music, all the songs they wanted, everywhere they went. And he wanted people to be able to carry it inside their pockets.

That’s when he pulled the first iPod out of his pocket and presented the new opportunity he created. This transformed the music industry forever.

That’s one of the best examples of the new opportunity power and why you should use it in your offer creation.

In the “Expert Secrets” book, Russell Brunson explains the difference between these concepts in more detail. So, if you want to dive in deeper, just get your FREE copy of the book.

Use People’s Craving For New Opportunities In Your Offer Creation

Here is why new opportunities work and how you can leverage their power in the creation of the offers for your audience.

  • New discovery
    When people discover your new opportunity for the first time, they’ll be willing to share it because being a part of something new and sharing it elevates people’s status.
  • Dream replacement
    Most of the people will give up their dreams and success for the fear of failure and losing their dreams. When you give them a new opportunity you give them a new dream to move toward.
  • Greener pastures
    You, for sure, heard the saying that “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. Therefore, instead of trying to convince people that their grass is green or offering to improve it, lead them to the other side of the fence, to the new opportunity you’ve created.

To sum it up, you can see that the key to the successful offer creation is to offer your audience something new.

You should stop trying to make existing things that aren’t working better, and focus on new and exciting ideas that your audience will love to buy.