The Best Types Of Sales Closes

Closing sales

Closing is one of the most challenging parts of the sales process. No matter how good you are at the presentation or pitching, if the closing is your weak spot, you’ll struggle to get enough sales. While closing sales comes naturally to some people, others will benefit from learning some sales closing techniques.

Below you’ll find the list of proven techniques for closing sales. Of course, they don’t fit every presentation and sales pitch. But you can pick those that flow naturally in your speech and make the most sense.

1. The Colombo Sales Closing

Of course, you’ve heard of the famous detective Columbo. The classic Columbo close was the phrase he often used when his suspect thought that he was done speaking. Columbo usually started walking away. Although when the suspect got a relief, Columbo would turn and say, “Just one more thing”.

You can apply the same principle in sales. After you finish your sales pitch or presentation and are about to say goodbye to the prospect, use the Columbo line and give the prospect the most persuasive part of your speech.

2. The Assumptive Sales Closing

This technique helps you to get in a better state of mind because you’ll need to make an assumption that the prospect is going to purchase from you. You need to belive in your product, your skills and be confident that you’ll close the sale.

Don’t forget to check the prospect’s reactions during your sales pitch or presentation and deal with the sales objections. Following your proving sales process and assuming that the deal is already in your pocket can give magic results.

3. The Take Away Close

It may sound weird but taking things away from your prospect can actually be used for sales closing. The Take Away Close includes reviewing some features or offer parts that the prospect wants and then suggesting to leave them out in order to decrease costs, for example.

This makes a psychological impact on the prospect. They don’t want to lose anything from their desired features and move forward to purchase the product.

4. Now Or Never

In order to make the prospect to buy right now, you may offer a bonus or create some scarcity around your offer. For example, only people who buy your product today will get your bonus. Or let the prospect know that the price of your offer will go up next week.

This way you encourage to make the decision about the purchase faster increasing the conversion.

5. The Summary Close

Summarizing everything that your prospect will get has a great effect. This way people will associate the price you’re requesting for your offer with the whole stack and not only with the core product.

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