The Best Link Tracking Software For Your Business

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In this article, we’re going to talk about why it’s important to track links and what is the best link tracking software to use for your business.

Link tracking is a great way to gather data and gain analytics for your marketing campaigns. It lets you evaluate how effective your strategy is, and if you need to update or improve something to increase traffic to your links.

Link tracking helps you to define what source brings you the most clicks, for example, your website, email, social media posts, and so on. After you get this data, you can analyze the performance of every traffic source and make respective adjustments.

So, if you still haven’t set up tracking for your links, you’re definitely missing out.

We recommend you take a look at the link tracking software called ClickMagick, which, in our opinion, is the best on the market.

ClickMagick is a web-based software that allows its users to gather a lot of useful data about links they share.

According to their website, they have 120+ different features that will help you with your online activities. But we want to highlight the most important features which probably every user utilizes most often.

1. Link Cloaking

Your links should “look pretty” when you share them, and ClickMagick gives you the possibility to “beautify” them.

If you do any sort of marketing that requires users to type your link in the search bar to find it (podcasts are one of the examples), this feature is a lifesaver.

You’ll be able to change long links into shorter and more comfortable ones like

2. The Best Link Tracking Software To Define The Source Of Traffic

With the help of ClickMagick, you can create unique tracking sub-IDs that will help you know exactly where your clicks are coming from.

Let’s say you’re using a link to the affiliate product on your blog. You have a sidebar ad and a pop-up, but you use the same affiliate link everywhere.

Every month you get 1,000 clicks on the link, but you only know that they come from the blog. You don’t know exactly what ad catches your readers’ attention and brings you clicks.

On the other hand, if you create unique links for each place where you post your link, you can see which ad actually gets clicks.

ClickMagick lets you easily do this with the help of sub-IDs. You can use one main link and create variations of it by adding a slash and sub-ID which will provide you with more information in clicks’ reports.

Check out the more details on how to use sub-IDs and why ClickMagick is the best software for affiliates in our article on how to track your affiliate links.

3. Track The Quality Of Traffic

This feature will help you to define the amount of traffic you get from real users and from bots. You can also see the IP addresses of the people who clicked on our links, what country they are from and what device they use.

That’s one of the features that make ClickMagick’s the best link tracking software. While you can use, for example, for the links shortening, that service doesn’t provide you with the possibility to see whether real people click on your links.

4. Track Conversion Values And Rates

Within ClickMagick, you can assign values for conversion and costs for traffic to any link. You’ll see real-time metrics showing whether your marketing campaign is profitable or not.

5. Create Split Tests

Another reason why ClickMagick is the best link tracking software is that it gives you the ability to send users to different pages using one link.

This way, you can split test your pages and see which one performs better. Remember, that it’s reasonable to track one change at a time like headline, button, etc.

You also can choose how to distribute traffic you send to the link you’re testing. For example, you can drive 30% of the traffic to one page and 70% – to the other. ClickMagick will notify you when it defines a winner.

6. Add Custom Tracking And Retargeting Pixel To The Links

You can add tracking pixels from any 3-party like Facebook or Google, and retarget anyone who clicks your link.

The possibilities here are endless. You’re not limited to people who just land on your blog or click on your paid ads.

You can track pixel clicks from emails, social media, forums, and almost anywhere else you can think. Isn’t that awesome?

ClickMagick Pricing

ClickMagick is offering a few pricing plans for different needs. As you can see below, the plans differ by a set of features they include and therefore, the pricing.

Moreover, you can get a discount between 28% and 32% if you sign up for an annual plan.

ClickMagick Pricing


There’re enough tools you can use to track your links but we believe that ClickMagick is the best link tracking software at the moment.

ClickMagick gives you a lot of possibilities of what you can do with your links to get the most out of them and increase your conversion. Its set of features is the way wider than what other similar services offer. It goes with budget-friendly pricing plans, therefore, the choice of the link tracking software was easy for me.

Best Link Tracking Software F.A.Q

What is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is an awsome web-based software that allows its users to gather a lot of useful data about links they share. When you have this data you can analyze which of your traffic sources performs the best, and what you should change in your marketing efforts.

How to create a tracking link?

We recommend using ClickMagick software to create a tracking link. This tool lets you not only shorten your link but track such information as to where clicks on your link come from, if they’re unique, IP address of the device, what browser, platform, and device was used, and so on. Moreover, you can add sub-IDs to your links to get even more insights on the link performance.

How to shorten URL?

You can easily shorten your URL with the help of ClickMagick. In comparison to other tools, like or TinyURL, ClickMagick also provides you with detailed information on the performance of your links.

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