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Email marketing is sometimes underappreciated but in fact, it’s an important part of your business’ marketing strategy. A lot of companies possess an email list but they don’t nurture their subscribers regularly with valuable information and promotion. They’re missing a chance to convert the subscribers who are potential customers, into buyers. If you want to take most out of your email list an email autoresponder will help you with this.

Email autoresponders are the simplest way to automate your email marketing. When set up well, they will help bring in new customers and revenue. In the post, I’ll cover what an email autoresponder is and which is the best one to implement for your own business.

What Is An Email Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a piece of software that allows you to automatically send pre-written messages to somebody who signs up for your email list. You can create email sequences and choose when each email should be delivered.

Autoresponders are easy to use, cost-effective and provide a possibility of reaching out to your audience on autopilot. Moreover, you’ll be able to see the stats about your email campaigns and get a clear understanding of how effective they are. An autoresponder takes the headache out of your email marketing. You only enjoy the benefits.

The Best Email Autoresponders

Following is the list of best solutions on the market you can consider using for your business.



AWeber is one of the most popular email autoresponders preferred by small and medium businesses. It offers feature-rich tools for creating responsive email design, split testing, reporting and much more.

What is also valuable, Aweber has great subscribers’ segmentation possibilities. You can divide them into segments based on user activity such as which user opened your email, who clicked on which link and so on.

AWeber provides tons of seamless integrations with CMS, social media, landing pages, WordPress, Facebook, ClickFunnels, Paypal. And those are just some of its popular integrations.

AWeber has a FREE 30-day trial, after which you can pick a plan starting with $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers.

AWeber Pricing

Besides this, Aweber has a nice 24/7 customer support and is friendly to affiliate marketing.



GetResponse is another great email autoresponder. Apart from the usual set of features, GetResponse maximizes action-based messages. It allows you to create a flowchart that directs GetResponse to take the pre-decided action whenever a subscriber opens an email or click on a link. Moreover, GetResponse lets you see metrics over time and make segmentation of your subscribers in one click.

GetResponse also has a FREE 30-day trial to check out its features. The minimum subscription plan for up to 1000 subscribers will cost $15 monthly.

GetResponse Pricing



ActiveCampaign is one of the most intelligence-driven email autoresponders. Its drag-and-drop editor together with a set of pre-built templates makes it super easy to use.

It provides a variety of list creation options, such as copy-paste, importing a .csv file, or importing the entire contact list from various other sources – to which you can add tags for sorting the contacts in future. You can also perform split testing to analyze what gives you the best click rate or maximum return on investment.

The Zapier integration allows ActiveCampaign to connect with hundreds of external service providers.

ActiveCampaign offers a FREE 14-day trial with the subscription starting at $15 per month for up to 500 subscribers.




Actionetics isn’t just an email autoresponder, although you can create, schedule, and deliver your emails seamlessly and easily. It lets you see exactly who is coming into your funnel, on which step they leave and then send your message or email to them based on the action they took in your funnel.

Actionetics gives you a possibility to send not only emails but SMS, Facebook messages and desktop notifications. Therefore it gives you a way options to reach out to your audience.

Actionetics is a part of ClickFunnels software thus it’s as easy to use as ClickFunnels itself. But the fact that it’s naturally connected with your sales funnels and gives you the tracking other tool are impossible to give, is precious.

You can try Actionetics starting a FREE 14-day trial of ClickFunnels. After the trial, the plan will cost you $297 monthly. Yes, it’s more than you’d pay for a regular email autoresponder subscription but you get much more for this money. Besides the great features of Actionetics, the plan includes ClickFunnels subscription itself.

To sum it up, the above-mentioned tools are some of the best solutions out there. They basically offer a similar set of features but you may pick the one which will suit you most based on your needs and budget.

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