PayKickstart Review: The Best Shopping Cart Out There

PayKickstart Review

PayKickstart is an all-in-one payment and affiliate management system that will allow you to easily sell your products, recruit affiliate partners and manage your customer transactions. The platform has really powerful features and is very simple to use. PayKickstart is web-based software therefore, you don’t need to install anything locally to use it. You don’t have to worry about upgrading or maintaining any software or web servers either. Let’s have a closer look at the features PayKickstart offers to the users.

Sell Anything

PayKickstart supports a lot of pricing models and products you can sell. First of all, you’ll be offered a big variety of built-in payment integrations. All you need to do is to simply connect your existing payment gateway to start accepting credit cards, wire transfers, and other payments from your customers.

PayKickstart can manage any type of product you’re going to sell. No matter if you’re selling software, info product, an online membership program, or physical product and services – it’s easy to handle any of these in PayKickstart. If you have a subscription-based product, you can also charge a recurring fee with just a few clicks. Moreover, you can allow your customers to pay in installments. Just pick a specified number of payments and amount you need them to pay over days, weeks, months.

Another great feature of PayKickstart is enabling free or paid trials. If you want to allow your customers to try your product before they buy, you can enable a free or paid trial for a certain length of time, before billing them your normal price.

What’s also nice, you can customize your checkout using one of the templates from the library. This way you can give your checkout process an individual touch changing text and elements on your checkout page.


Affiliate Management With PayKickstart

PayKickstart brings your affiliate management to the next level and makes it very easy.

On a dashboard, you will see the list of your affiliates, commissions to date, pending commissions, refund rate, and status. You have full control with how affiliate referrals get tracked and how commissions are earned.

For each of your affiliate programs, you can choose whether you want to pay instant or delayed commissions. What does it mean? If you want to pay instant commissions to your affiliates, they’ll receive it after a sale occurs. Delayed commissions are paid out after the refund period for the transaction is over. In addition, you can pay commissions per campaign or a lifetime commission. Later from the dashboard, you can easily manage the payout of the commissions to all your affiliates.

PayKickstart lets you run contests for your affiliates. A real-time leaderboard will display who the top affiliates are, based on the number of sales or revenue generated. Each of your affiliates will have their own login area. It may contain affiliate links to the product they’re promoting, promotional materials, or information about contests.



PayKickstart supports integrations with a lot of third-party applications. For instance, we’re using ClickFunnels to build our funnels but let PayKickstart handle payments and manage affiliates. Have a look at a short list of the integrations PayKickstart is offering:

  • Payment integrations (PayPal, Stripe, BrainTree, EasyPayDirect, etc.)
  • Email integrations (AWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit and much more)
  • Membership integrations (ClickFunnels, Kajabi, Teachable, OptimizeMember, etc.)
  • Webinar integrations (Zoom, GoToWebinar, EverWebinar, Demio and so on).

As mentioned, it’s not the full list of the integrations. However, if you can’t find the integration you’re looking for – odds are you’ll find it with Zapier. PayKickstart has a great Zapier integration which unlocks the ability to connect to literally hundreds of additional third-party services.

Pricing Plans

PayKickstart Pricing Plan

PayKickstart offers 3 pricing plans – Basic ($29/mo), Professional ($99/mo) and Premium ($149/mo). The price will be a bit lower if you change your billing period from an annual to a monthly one.

Depending on the package you choose, you’ll have some limitations for your account. For example, with the Basic package, you can only add 5 products while Professional and Premium plans let you use an unlimited number of products. Please note that affiliate center is NOT available for the Basic plan. However, all plans include first-class support via email or chat and don’t require any additional fees.

PayKickstart vs. ClickFunnels Checkout

While we’re using ClickFunnels and truly love this funnel building software, we think that PayKickstart provides better solutions for checkouts and affiliate management. Here is why…

PayKickstart has a great information policy. They send out emails in advance informing their users about upcoming changes. They also send tutorials explaining what users would need to do to prepare for updates. A recent example, they sent an explanatory email regarding Strong Customer Authentication and what was required to do within the user’s account.

You can offer your customers to pay either with credit cards or PayPal, or only one of them without any custom code. Something like this isn’t possible within ClickFunnels.

The Affiliate management is much more advanced than ClickFunnels’ Backpack. Besides all the features mentioned above, your products are listed in PayKickstart marketplace, so other affiliates can easily find them and apply for the promotion.

If you use ClickFunnels for your members area, PayKickstart is able to automatically create an account for a user who has just purchased from you. The user later gets an email with the login details. ClickFunnels doesn’t give you such a possibility.

Within ClickFunnels, you have to add your products on every order page where you want to have the product. In other words, you have to create it multiple times. In PayKickstart, you just create your products once within Campaign and later add them to the order pages.

This is only a short list of upsides why PayKickstart would be a better option for your checkouts and affiliate management. Of course, everything depends on your needs and preferences.

What are you using for your checkout processes and affiliate management? Are you satisfied with your experience with that service? Share in the comments!

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