Overcoming Prospects’ False Beliefs And Sales Objections

How To Be Persuasive In Sales

Overcoming customers’ false beliefs and objections is a crucial step towards making a sale.

Often when you try to sell your offer to people, their subconscious mind starts thinking about why it won’t work for them or won’t fit them.

At that point, they’re building objections based on their false beliefs. Therefore, the most reasonable way for you to persuade your prospects that your offer is the best option for them is to crush their false beliefs.

How False Beliefs Are Created

Firstly, let’s see how we all create false beliefs about any event in our life.

It all starts with experience. It can be both positive or negative. No matter what kind of experience we had, our mind quickly creates a story about it. Later on, this story becomes a belief.

It happens regularly in our life and forms our personality.

So, it’s important to understand that when you speak to people about your offer, they will bring thousands of pre-made beliefs that you have to fight if you want to make a sale.

The good news is that it isn’t hard to do once you learn false belief patterns. When you understand what kind of experience, stories, and beliefs your prospects created in their minds, you’ll be able to replace their false beliefs with new ones.

Here’s an example of how you can do this. Let’s say you’re in multi-level marketing and you’re promoting your new opportunity to prospects.

1. What false beliefs can they have?

They can think that if they join an MLM program, they could lose their friends.

2. What experience did they have?

Now, when you figured out their belief you need to think about what experience in their life caused it.

For example, they could have already joined an MLM once and tried to sign up their friends but those got mad.

3. What is the story?

What is the false story they have based on the experience?

In our example, the story can be: “People annoy their friends and family to make success in MLM”.

4. Crushing False Beliefs

When you figure out what caused false beliefs of your prospects it’s time to crush them.

The best way to do that is to tell a story that shows how you once had a similar belief but you now have a new belief pattern, and the old story turned out to be wrong.

If you don’t have a story from your own life that would fit, you can use a story from someone else.

For example, “I also thought that I’ll lose my friends if I join MLM. But then I learned that I can actually generate leads online. Therefore, I can grow my team without bothering my friends and family.”

Stories are a powerful tool to crush false beliefs and objections of your audience.

Once you learn how to identify people’s false beliefs and tell the stories that show them the truth, you don’t need to “sell” them anything.

The stories lead people to the right belief, and then they buy themself.

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