Little-known Lead Generation Strategy For Real Estate Business

Lead Generation For Real Estate

A constant supply of new leads is a crucial element of every business. The real estate niche isn’t an exception. To be successful in real estate business, you need to generate buyers and sellers leads which then convert into paying customers. Although if you’re trying to do this using traditional methods it may be very time- and money-consuming. What’s even worse – all those efforts may not bring the desired results. Does this sound familiar? If so, pay close attention as I’ll share with you the little-known lead generation strategy for your real estate business on autopilot along with a SUPER BONUS.

The key element of this strategy is a lead generation funnel. Now, as you may be not familiar with the whole concept of a funnel, let me explain what funnels are and how they work.

Why You Need A Funnel

In short, a funnel is a series of pages put in a strategic order you need them to be. The goal of a funnel is to take your prospect on a journey that most likely makes them convert into a customer. Prospects have only two ways when they go through your funnel. They can either close the browser tab if they don’t like what they see, or keep going with the flow you prepared for them. There are no other distractions or ways out of the funnel for them.

Now think about a regular website… Its visitors have a lot of ways to go and so much information to research that they constantly get distracted from their intention to buy.

Compare it with talking to your prospects in person. A funnel would look like a prepared high-converting sales script that you pitch to your prospect. A website would be something like you’re talking to a prospect about your product and then suddenly asking to learn more about the history of the company or check another category of the products. Because funnels have ONE strategic flow for your prospects they outperform websites with all the distractions in 6 times.

Lead Generation Funnel To Grab Leads For Your Real Estate Business On Autopilot

I hope now you understand that your business will benefit tremendously from having a funnel. Therefore, the best way to generate leads for your real estate business is to set up a simple lead generation funnel. As you may understand from the name, a lead generation funnel has a sole goal to provide your business with leads. So, how does it actually work? A lead generation funnel consists of a Lead Magnet and Thank you pages.

Lead Magnet Page

The main purpose of the Lead Magnet page is to give your prospects an incentive in exchange for their email address or other contact information. This incentive is called lead magnet and it should be something valuable for your target audience. It should be something people would definitely like to download and check out. A lead magnet should be appealing to your prospects, possible to consume within 15 minutes and easy to implement. Of course, it also should be related to the product or service you’re offering. For example, to generate leads for real estate buyers you may offer a guide explaining what to look for before buying a house/apartment.

Another example of a lead magnet that we use for our Business Automation course is a free “5 Productivity Hacks” eBook. Our course helps to save 30+ hours per week by automating the recurring tasks, therefore our productivity hacks also go along with this goal. They’re easy to implement and don’t require a lot of time to go through. The fact that our lead magnet relates to our main offer ensures that we’re generating qualified leads. If somebody is interested in optimizing their work using productivity tips, they also may be interested in the automation. Same applies to the lead magnet you may use for real estate lead generation. If you offer a guide with the tips for buying a real estate and somebody grabs it, you’ll know that they’re curious about your offer and probably consider buying a real estate. Thus, they’re more qualified leads for you.

Why It’s Important To Collect Emails

Usually, people easily give their email address especially in exchange for something free. They don’t consider their email address as something valuable while for you, the email list with the contacts of already pre-qualified leads is a great asset.

Why is it beneficial for you to have an email list? When your potential customers opted-in and gave you their email address once you shouldn’t pay any more to reach out to them at any moment. If you’re only running ads without collecting emails, you should spend money on ads every time you want to promote something new to your audience. According to Hootsuite stats, most local businesses pay $0.27 per click (which is quite optimistic) on Facebook ads. So, to reach 10K people with the promotion of your offer you’d need to invest $2.7K. If you send emails to 10K of people from your email list using, for example, ActiveCampaign autoresponder it’ll only require $199 for a monthly subscription. Not to mention, you may use the email addresses to send regular follow-up emails to your prospects building relationship with them and promoting your services.

Besides or instead of email addresses, you may ask your prospects for a phone number or subscription to Facebook Messenger in exchange for a lead magnet. You can reach out to them using these channels as well if it’s suitable for your business.

Thank You Page

After a prospect opted-in on a Lead Magnet page, they end up on a Thank You page. Here you mention that their freebie is already on the way. Moreover, you may offer them to book a consultation call with you using Calendly integration.

How To Build A Lead Generation Funnel

The approach with a lead generation funnel may seem overwhelming to you but nothing can be further from the truth. Don’t freak out! In fact, you can build such funnel to generate leads for your real estate business within a few hours. Without a technical background! Without any prior knowledge about funnels! It becomes possible thanks to ClickFunnels funnel builder!

What’s even better, ClickFunnels offers a FREE 14-day trial which you can start right now! Our ultimate playlist will guide you step by step through the setup of your ClickFunnels account.

If you take it seriously and want to dive into details of the funnel building you may take part in a 30-day training from ClickFunnels. It’ll teach you how to get your funnel up and running within 30 days. The training is carried out by a top marketer, CEO and Co-Founder of ClickFunnels Russell Brunson and other successful entrepreneurs. Thus, it’s definitely worth the investment.

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BONUS – Lead Generation Funnel Template For Your Real Estate Business

Yes, you’ve read it right! We’re going to share with you a battle-tested template of a lead generation funnel for your real estate business for FREE. All is left for you to do is to customize the copy, graphics and come up with your own lead magnet.


By clicking on the link above you’ll be redirected to the page with the preview of all the funnel steps. From that page, you’ll also be able to sign up for a FREE ClickFunnels trial and import the funnel template to your account with a mouse click. It’s that easy! You can customize the template and start generating leads for your real estate business already today!

In Conclusion

If you want to generate leads for your real estate business on autopilot, setting up a lead generation funnel is the way to go. So, in no time and with just a little effort you’ll get qualified leads for your business. What’s great, this all doesn’t require any special knowledge or a huge investment. You may set everything up on your own using our tutorials or choose a done-for-you service. Moreover, you can use a FREE proven template we share with you, customize it and start generating leads already today.