Is Kajabi The Best Solution For Building Your Online Course?

Kajabi Review

In this review of Kajabi software, I’ll show you what features the platform offers to its users and why it’s our #1 choice for our online courses and member areas.

What Is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a popular “all-in-one” app for experts, coaches, and course creators to sell online courses and other digital products. It gives you all the tools you need to sell your digital products within one app.

Check out the short list of features that Kajabi offers:

  • Website building features like a knowledge commerce platform, static pages, etc.
  • Marketing tools like pipelines, email broadcasts, landing page builder, etc.
  • Membership site/online course software
  • Video hosting
  • Community social area
  • Blogging features
  • Affiliate marketing features and much more.

As you can see, Kajabi provides a big variety of features. No need to freak out if you don’t have any technical background. The platform is very intuitive and is easy to use. You can see that besides the creation of membership sites and online courses it provides a lot of other features. Nevertheless, in this post, I want to focus on what makes Kajabi the #1 solution for the creation and selling of your online course?

Online Course Features

A lot of people, us included, use Kajabi just because this part of its feature set is so good. For example, we use ClickFunnels for building our funnels but host membership areas and courses in Kajabi. Using this platform you’ll be able to create a great membership website experience for your customers. Moreover, it’s incredibly fast and easy!

Below you’ll find the most prominent features of Kajabi membership areas and online courses.

1. Video Streaming

Wistia video streaming is built right into Kajabi. Wistia is our favorite video streaming service which we’re paying separately. Their pricing plan starts at $99/mo. Now, the Basic plan of Kajabi costs $149/mo and it already includes Wistia. Thus, for $59 more, you get the entire Kajabi platform with Wistia rolled in. Kajabi is the first membership website platform that integrated Wistia video streaming functionality right into the platform.

You can use Wistia videos not only inside your member and course area but also on your marketing or blog site. You’ll be able to see basic stats of Wistia videos right on a lesson page. They include a number of views, viewer engagement, and the play rate. This is a quite useful feature because even if you don’t have a Wistia account you’ll have an overview of the engagement with your videos.

2. Community Social Area

As mentioned above, Kajabi offers its users a community social area. Your customers can leave comments on lesson pages and interact with each other. Moreover, they’ll get an email notification if somebody replies to their comment.


3. Content Creation In Kajabi

The creation of categories and lessons of your course is very simple. Categories correspond to modules, and within each module, you have a set of lessons. On top of that, you can add sub-categories and divide lessons in this way. This brings a clear structure to the learning materials.

You can set a schedule for your course modules. So, you unlock the particular content of your course on a particular day after they join your course.

The previous and next navigation buttons automatically appear on each lesson page.

In Kajabi, you have a possibility to upload content directly from your Dropbox or Google Drive, in addition to uploading content from your computer.

It’s easy to make uploaded files available for download on any lesson page. When you upload materials, Kajabi automatically creates download buttons for the files you uploaded. Isn’t it awesome?

4. Course Progress

Users can see a progress bar showing how much course materials they’ve gone through. On the other hand, you as an admin can see the progress of the users as well. It’ll give you insights into where your customers drop out of the course and need help.

5. Course Catalog

If you have a few courses, you can create a course catalog or menu page showing all of your courses. Each course will have a tile with a thumbnail, title, and a short description. Featuring all the courses will let you cross-promote them and attract more buyers.


Kajabi Pricing Plans

Kajabi Pricing Plans

Kajabi offers three pricing plans with a different set of features included. The Basic plan with 3 products and 10,000 contacts requires the investment of $149/mo. The Growth plan includes 15 products and 25,000 contacts and is $199/mo. The Pro plan gives you the way more opportunities with 100 products and 100,000 contacts but also will set you back by $399/ mo.

Doesn’t matter which plan you pick for your needs you can start with a FREE trial and see if the platform is a great fit for you. Now, usually, you can get only a 14-day trial of Kajabi. However, the links in this post have a special extended 28-day FREE trial, which is twice as long as the free trial period that you’ll see available on their site. Don’t miss your chance!

In Conclusion

Kajabi seems to be the best software out there for building membership areas and online courses. It’s easy to use even without prior knowledge or tech experience. The platform with its features gives you a lot of possibilities and performs exceedingly well allowing you to provide the best user experience to your customers.

If you want to learn more about the flow of the course creation check out our blog post on this topic.