How To Increase Conversion Of Shopify Store

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The most important component that makes your business run is customers who buy your product or service. Online businesses usually use their website with traffic from ads driven to it, to attract customers and generate sales because they are basically dependant on how good the website converts. The great solution will be to use a sales funnel instead or in addition to the website. I’ll use Shopify as an example to give a quick overview of how funnels can be used.

First of all, there are two different kinds of funnels: marketing and sales funnel. A marketing funnel is designed to capture email leads, while a sales funnel — to capture payments for products and services. Let’s see how to apply both types for a Shopify store.

How your Shopify store can benefit from funnels

A marketing funnel serves to turn the traffic into subscribers and therefore potential customers. Making sure that visitors of your funnel give you their email address in exchange for some incentive, will let you follow up with them. Usually, 98 out of 100 people visit your website once, leave empty handed and likely don’t come back. By capturing their emails you increase the chance of selling your product to them.

Now, how you can use sales funnels? First of all, they can serve you to convert cold traffic into new customers. The best way of doing this is by offering a product for free if the customer just pays shipping.

Russell Brunson, the founder of Clickfunnels, is the king of “free+shipping” offers. He sold 26,000 copies of his book “DotCom Secrets” by offering it for free as long as the customer was willing to pay for shipping. Once a customer has entered their contact and payment details, the next pages in the sequence are one-time-offers for $197 and $297 where people can purchase with just one click. So, after a visitor of the funnel claimed the free+shipping offer they were lead into a value ladder of higher-priced products.

Increase your average order value per every visitor of your Shopify store

Another way to use a sales funnel is for increasing the average order value per visitor. Adding classic funnel components like upsell and downsale will let you drastically increase the average cart value and therefore your revenue.

Every Shopify site should take advantage of funnels to either increase conversion rate and generate more leads or boost the average cart value and grow revenue. Shopify itself mentions in their official blog that using funnels helps store owners to boost their conversion.

Here is how to start

Curious to try the funnel building and wondering where to start? You can check out the FREE 14-day Clickfunnels trial and easily build your first funnel within a couple of hours. If you need more guidance or tutorials you’ll find them in this Clickfunnels guide. Don’t miss a chance to leverage your Shopify store!