How To Succeed With Funnel Building

Sales Funnel

From all the success stories you could get a feeling that all you need to do is build a random sales funnel, throw $10 at it, and you’ll become rich. Allow me to clarify, this most likely isn’t going to happen!

You will NOT get rich sending some traffic to a sales funnel you create in one hour. Even if you spend a week building sales funnels and spend some money on ads… you still won’t get insanely rich!

Technically, building sales funnels with the help of Clickfunnels is not difficult. The hard part is to come up with a great offer, plan your strategy, execute it and don’t give up on the way. Only building a sales funnel without bringing a structure into it and thinking about your value ladder, you’ll most likely FAIL.

What I’ll describe below will help you decrease your chance of failure and help you build a high-performing funnel.

First of all, you should commit to devoting your time and putting as much effort as needed. If your funnel isn’t working you should tweak it and test again, make adjustments of your copy, offer and test again… repeat till you succeed. Remember, Albert Einstein said: “You never fail until you stop trying”. That said, getting to the right mindset and don’t give up on the way is crucial.

Now, let’s get to the steps you need to build a successful funnel.

1. Pick Your Niche/Create An Avatar Of Your Ideal Customer

Although it sounds simple, a lot of funnel builders fail this step simply because they don’t do it. Maybe it seems not important enough to define who is your perfect customer and what pain points they have. Instead of picking a niche/audience first, a lot of people are picking products/services first… which is the wrong order!

This step is indeed crucial because it gives you a possibility to create lists of your customers. You’ve probably heard that an email list is an awesome asset to have because with its help you can reach out to your leads and customers.

But there are other lists besides email lists. There are audience or retargeting lists, Facebook Messenger lists, phone lists you can take advantage of as well. By having a defined audience which has particular interests, you can grow these lists and promote different offers to your subscribers. At the same time, if you don’t have a defined audience, your subscribers will have different interests which makes it hard to follow up with other offers.

2. Build A Break Even Funnel

Your first funnel will not make you rich. The main goal should be to build a break-even funnel which will allow you to acquire new customers for free. Let’s say, you put $1 in and get $1+ back out.

For example, you could have a front-end funnel where you give your book for free, and the customers pay for shipping. Then you add an order bump and one-time-offer for an audio version or some training. This way, you can cover the costs to print the book and acquire the customer (ad spend). Russell Brunson is a master of “free plus shipping” offers. Check out the funnel he built for his “DotCom Secrets” book.

Depending on your niche, it can be hard to build a break-even funnel. Maybe you’re able to build one where every dollar you put in, you get $0.90 back. This also may be fine because you’re still acquiring customers and building your lists.

3. Scale Up

Once you have your first break-even funnel, it is time to scale up. For this, you should come up with different products and services at different price and value.

For example, you may have your break-even funnel that sells a book for $7.95 and a few digital resources for between $10-$300. Then you may add a webinar funnel selling a master class for $650. On top of this, you may come up with a mastermind offer at the price of $1000. This way you’re building your value ladder and scaling up your offer.

Let’s sum it up, you most likely will not get rich by building and launching one random funnel and sending traffic to it. You will also likely fail if you only build a random funnel without having a strategy behind it. Commit spending your time and putting effort into funnel building without giving up when you encounter a failure.