How To Sell Anything Without Selling

How To Sell

A lot of salespeople commit the biggest sin of selling without even realizing it. This one thing confuses their prospects or even makes them run away in order to avoid the unpleasant conversation. Do you know what those salespeople are doing wrong? They try to logically convince potential customers that their products are the best. They share the reasons why their products are better than their competitors’. Poor prospects had to listen to all the “technobabble” about the research, the science, the ingredients and much more. This all doesn’t persuade potential buyers. This is NOT how you need to sell your products or services.

Why People Buy And How To Sell Them

If you ask somebody why they bought a product or service, you probably will hear how great and innovative the product is, what new technologies it uses and so on. The truth is, it’s not a real reason why that person bought the product. They had an emotional experience first. Then, after they were emotionally sold, they started to geek out on their product. They learned more about its characteristics and science behind it. They tried to logically justify the purchase. And that’s the key on how to sell anything without actually selling.

People don’t buy based on logic; they buy based on emotion. After that, they try to justify their purchase logically. If you take that logic and try to use it as a sales tool, you’ll struggle to close a deal.

When you tell a story about how you emotionally fell in love with the product you’re trying to sell, your audience will relate to that. After they connect with your story, they’ll logically convince themselves in the necessity of a purchase. That’s a trick on how to sell anything – telling your story and connect emotionally.

The story you’ll tell to your audience will help them to go down your journey too and feel the same emotions. So, the key to becoming a successful salesperson is in telling stories in a way so people experience the same feelings and epiphany you had. When they have the same “aha” moment you did, they’ll be willing to buy your product or service which in your story became a solution.

It may seem that creating this kind of story may be difficult. But nothing can be further from the truth! In fact, Russell Brunson, one of the top marketers, created a script for this, called Epiphany Bridge Script. To go through the script, all you need to do is answer the questions below. This will help you to tell your story in the correct sequence.

The Epiphany Bridge Questions

  1. Backstory: What is your backstory that gives us a vested interest in your journey?
  2. Desire: What did you want to accomplish?
  3. External: What external struggle were you dealing with?
  4. Internal: What internal struggle were you dealing with?
  5. Wall: What wall or problem did you hit within your current opportunity to start you on this new journey?
  6. Epiphany: What was the epiphany you experienced and the new opportunity you discovered?
  7. Plan: What plan did you create to achieve your desire?
  8. Conflict: What conflict did you experience along the way?
  9. Achievement: What was the end result you achieved?
  10. Transformation: What transformation did you experience?

It may look complicated in the beginning but it only requires some practice. If you want to learn the Epiphany Bridge Script in more detail, you may get a FREE copy of Russell Brunson’s book “Expert Secrets“. He dedicates an entire chapter to explaining the script as he considers this concept very important if you want to know how to sell anything.

By using the Epiphany Bridge Script you’ll cause in your audience the same emotions and epiphany you had. While people buy based on emotions, that is the trick on how to sell anything without actually selling.