How To Reduce The Amount Of Order Cancellations

Order cancellation

In this post, I’m going to share with you how you can reduce the number of refunds, returns, and the order cancellations. Dealing with refunds and cancellations may be very annoying for every business. You’ve put effort, made a sale and then a customer tells you that they want to return the product. It’s especially unpleasant in e-commerce as you have to ship the product and after that, a buyer may tell you that they changed their mind. Moreover, it may result in additional expenses. Therefore, it’s in the interest of every business to put some effort into reducing the amount of the order cancellations.

To reduce the number of order cancellations you, first of all, should ask yourself why your customer cancels the order. Are they unsatisfied with your product or service? Did they have unpleasant user experience? Usually, your customers may not understand what they get out of your product. They may not see enough value in your product/service they should pay for. Of course, in e-commerce and similar industries, the product just may not fit so, there’s not much you can do about that. In other cases, the main question still is why they want to cancel the order or return your product.

Use A Funnel To Reduce The Number Of Cancellations

To get the answer on that important question you may set up a cancellation funnel. Instead of having a FAQ page which shows the steps your customers should take in order to cancel their order, it’s worth to set up a cancellation funnel. A cancellation funnel starts with an opt-in where you ask your customers to enter their name and email address. Depending on which system you use, it’ll support so-called instant opt-in which triggers an opt-in to a specific cancellation email list. When a customer ends up in this email list, they’ll receive follow up emails from a specific sequence you set up.

Imagine you’re running a software company and you use the cancellation funnel. The moment your users start to enquire how they can cancel their subscription, you can put them in the list with specific follow up emails. In the emails, you promote your FAQs, your helpdesk, case studies and so on. So, in case the users who wanted to cancel their subscription just encountered some tech problem with your software or didn’t know how to use it properly, can find the answers and don’t cancel.

But let’s go back to the cancellation funnel… After a user opted-in on the first page, they end up on the next page of your funnel which is nothing more than a survey page. Using the survey, you ask people for a reason they want to cancel their subscription. You probably already know the most common reasons why your customers require order cancellations. So, list them as the suggested answers in your survey. Then based on the option a customer picks you’ll redirect them to the page that deals with this problem or objection.

Example Of The Cancellation Funnel

Let’s say customer complains that they couldn’t get in touch with support. You may redirect them to the page where you ask if they tried reaching out to you using that number (and you mention the number). Or ask them if they used that email address or a live chat to contact you. This way, you’re dealing with their objection and trying to solve their problem. At the bottom of the page, you still give them the option to cancel the order. It’ll help you reduce the number of returns and order cancellations because you put some additional effort to retain the customer. After you spend time and money to acquire the customer, it’s not a bad decision to go through a bit more effort to make sure they stay with you.

How To Build A Cancellation Funnel

If you decided that setting up a cancellation funnel is a fitting way for you to reduce the number of order cancellations, I have great news for you! You can build such a funnel in less than an hour! Moreover, you don’t need any technical knowledge to do this. This all is possible thanks to the ClickFunnels software. ClickFunnels is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop funnel builder which allows you to build any kind of funnels in almost no time.

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Funnelhacker's Cookbook

In Conclusion

Every business wants to avoid refunds and order cancellations. One of the ways to do this is to set up an easy cancellation funnel. It’ll let you make additional effort to retain your customers by trying to solve their problems and change their mind. The great thing is that you can build such funnel within an hour using ClickFunnels software.