How To Make Money On Facebook?

Interaction On Facebook

One of the possibilities to make money on Facebook is to monetize your Facebook group. First of all, the members of your group are either interested in the product/service you provide and that’s why they joined the group. Maybe they like the content you create in the group and consider it valuable.

Secondly, they are a so-called warm audience because you already have a kind of bond with them. You’re not a stranger who’s just showed up to sell them some stuff.

Why Do You Need Emails Of Your Facebook Group Members?

Therefore, it becomes quite reasonable to collect emails from your group members and convert your Facebook group members to paying customers. Don’t underestimate the power of an email list and regular newsletters and follow ups. Under “regular” I don’t mean once in a couple of months but minimum 3 times per week.

In your newsletters to the group members, you may send some content valuable for them as well as promote your affiliate products. Of course, the products you promote should coincide with the area of your potential customers’ interest.

You can also notify them about hot offers or new products launches. It could be, for example, an “early bird” sign-up for your new course. Some of the people who open your email will be interested in the offer. Isn’t it great that you’ll make sales only by sending out an email?!

How To Grab Emails Of Your Facebook Group Members

Now, you may be curious how to grab emails of your Facebook group members. It makes sense to give access to your Facebook group only to the people who answer the questions you’ll ask them.

One of those questions should be “What’s your email address?”. Moreover, you should point out that you’re going to send them updates from time to time so they basically could give you consent to do this.

It’s also useful to ask about what they want to learn in this group or what content they expect to see. This will give you an idea of what kind of content you should publish in the group and what products you can promote to get the engagement of your audience.

Depending on the purpose of the group, you can pick questions which will work best for you. The only crucial question is about email. I encourage you to be strict and don’t people into the group without an email. If they want to join your group and benefit from the content you create there, an email address isn’t a high price to ask in exchange.

If you have a small Facebook group it may not be difficult to copy the answers to the questions manually. Although, as your group is growing, this task will become more and more time-consuming. Therefore, it’s wise to think about its automation.

Automate The Process

The perfect solution for this which we also use for our group is Group Convert software. Simply put, Group Convert is a Google Chrome extension which lets you collect email addresses from your Facebook group members on autopilot.

After you’ve bought and installed the extension it starts working. Every time you have people who request to join the group, answered your entry questions and are approved by you, Group Convert will automatically add their email addresses to a spreadsheet you linked to it.

That’s basically it! Group Convert is very simple to install and use but it saves you a lot of time which you can spend on other revenue-generating tasks.

If you want to go a step further you can import your email list into your email autoresponder like AWeber, GetResponse, Clickfunnels Actionetics or others. If you’re curious how you can automate the process using Zapier, I’m encouraging you to sign up for Christian’s “Followup Automation” course which will be released on July, 1.

I hope that this post helped you to see that Facebook groups are not only for entertainment or interaction with your audience. There is a huge potential behind to create your email list and make money from your Facebook group.