How To Generate MLM Leads Online On Autopilot

Generate MLM leads

As any marketer, you understand that a continuous stream of leads is crucial for your business. But sometimes it becomes challenging to maintain it especially if you’re approaching this task with a wrong strategy. A lot of marketers successfully apply the traditional tactics of generating MLM leads in real life. Nevertheless, when they go online they just forget what worked for them and start doing something irrelevant.

The secret although is that you should take the process that worked for you offline and make an online version of it. How can you do that? With the help of funnels that repeat the same proven concepts that worked for decades and generated MLM leads offline!

Don’t freak out if you’ve never heard of or built funnels! In this post, you’ll learn how you can easily pull together an amazing funnel in less than a few hours even without any technical knowledge. But before we go to it, let’s identify the selling processes that are proven to generate MLM leads in real life so you can see how to make it work inside funnels.

The Three-Way Calls

When you bring a new member to your team you understand that they’re the most vulnerable at this point. They don’t know much about the product yet and may feel embarrassed to talk to prospects. Therefore, the best way for them to get over it is to invite somebody from the upline to a three-way call with a potential customer. The upline leader who has more experience will undertake the most confusing part of the communication, discuss the product and opportunity with the prospect. They create a kind of a “bridge” between you and the product or opportunity you’re offering to a prospect.

When you go online, this process doesn’t change. If you want to get MLM leads online you need to follow the fundamentals that are already proven instead of inventing new shiny ways.

To implement Three-Ways Calls online you can use a Bridge Funnel. The Bridge Funnel enables you to act as the bridge between the prospect and the company you represent. It makes sure that your prospect will walk through the process all the way to the sale, and not get lost along the way.

The Home Party

Another proven strategy to get MLM leads is a Home Party. During a regular home party guests are watching the demos of MLM products and hanging out with other people who are interested in a purchase. Home parties are working because people are able to try the product in a nonpressurized sale setting. Moreover, they see other people buying. That persuades them to buy as well.

A Home Party Funnel replicates the home parties online with the same great outcomes. It is quite similar to the Bridge Funnel but with more solemnity. Moreover, real home parties end at some point. The Home Party Funnel continues making sales even after the party is over.

The Hotel Meeting

A traditional Hotel Meeting is meant for the presentation and selling of the product and opportunity. They’re usually quite successful and if a presenter does a good job, the hotel meeting brings great outcomes.

The Hotel Meeting Funnel is also designed to introduce prospects to the product. Other than that, it creates an opportunity to make money and shows how they can grow their own teams by bringing people to the meetings.

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How To Build Funnels To Get MLM Leads Online

Now, when you know what offline tactics of generating MLM leads you can implement online, let’s talk about actual funnel building.

It’s possible to build funnels even if you don’t have any prior knowledge about them and any technical background.

Yes, you read it correctly! All you need is ClickFunnels software. It a drag-and-drop funnel builder that will let you build funnels to generate MLM leads within a few hours.

ClickFunnels offer a FREE 14-day trial without any strings attached. So you can test the functionality of the platform and see how easy and great it is.

But that’s not everything I wanted to share with you!

Although ClickFunnels lets you build funnels in almost no time, we want to make it even easier for you!

You may actually grab templates of the Bridge, the Home Party, and the Hotel Meeting Funnels by clicking on the links below! The templates will be added to your ClickFunnels account and all that’s left for you is to customize them. Isn’t it amazing?!

So what do you need to do:

  1. Start your FREE 14-day ClickFunnels trial
  2. Import a funnel template by clicking on a template below

Give them a try and you’ll see how easy it can be to generate leads for you MLM online on autopilot!

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